Orienteering for Schools

Orienteering is a fun and educational activity, suitable for both primary and secondary students - from Year 4 to Year 12.

  • Orienteering helps students develop spacial awareness as well as learning to read maps and navigate. 
  • It exercises both the body and mind.
  • It teaches students about the countryside.

There are lots of ways for schools to make orienteering available to their students:

Anytime Orienteering Courses

Use our free Anytime Orienteering course kits at popular spots like Whiteman Park and Lake Leschenaultia.

In addition to the maps, the following guides (PDF format) may assist in getting you started:

Anytime Orienteering - Getting Started Guide 
Anytime Orienteering - Orienteering Tips
Guidelines for Protection of People and the Environment

In-School Orienteering Sessions

You can run your own in-school orienteering sessions.

More information on In-School Orienteering Sessions is available here.

If you need our assistance, contact, Jan Fletcher, our Sporting Schools Manager.   Even if you don't think Sporting Schools Funding is applicable to you, Jan has a wealth of experience and information.  She can help with any Sporting Schools Grants you may want to make use of, and she will arrange any other services.

Schools Orienteering Championships

Each year, Orienteering WA organises the WA Schools Championships.
Primary and Secondary Schools compete on separate days - Secondary Schools in May; Primary Schools in August - to be State Champions for the year. Competition can be very close.
Details are available here.

WA Schools Orienteering Team

Students have the chance to join the WA Schools Orienteering Team which competes at the Australian Schools Championships held in different states at the end of September/beginning of October each year.

This year, the Australian Schools Championships are due to be held in Tasmania

More details of the WA Schools Orienteering Team will be available here.

Junior Development

We are always very keen to welcome newcomers of whatever age.  The Junior Development section explains what is available for younger orienteers.  

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