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Foot O Little Frazzle

umunawebSunday 5th August 2018

near Beverley

Previously known as Pre-Frazzle, this challenging area consists of grazed paddock with very little undergrowth. Parts are quite steep and rocky. It is ideal for middle-distance courses with plenty of granite detail. The property is owned by Grant Hobbs who has generously provided


Foot O Marginata

postburnmarginatawebSunday 9th September 2018

Marginata, near York

LOST hosts the event at this beautiful bush map with a mix of gullies and rock, and sprinkling of grass trees. This is classic Helena Valley orienteering and spring is a perfect time to enjoy the area. A range of courses will be available to suit all abilities and


Foot O Lovers Lane

Warranine Brook Vanessa resizedSunday 16th September 2018

Lovers Lane, near Toodyay

Lover's Lane is 10km south west of Toodyay and consists of spur-gully terrain with widespread shallow quarrying and diggings, surrounded by typical WA granite detail, farmland and some laterite breakaways. The map is


Foot O Gunapin

FullSizeGunapinHPwebSunday 2th September 2018

Gunapin, near York

Spring is a great time to be out orienteering and Gunapin provides a lovely spot to enjoy bush, emerging flowers, rocks and paddocks.

Make dad's Fathers Day and take him Orienteering.


Christmas Novelty Event 2018

ChriswebnoveltySunday 16th December 2018

Piney Lakes Reserve in Winthrop

Make sure you put this highlight of the orienteering year on your calendar. Lock in the date and be ready for a fun Sunday morning and celebrate Christmas Orienteering with OWA. In the spirt of Christmas you won’t have to save your pennies because this


NavDash 2: John Curtin College of the Arts, Fremantle

Sten Run ThroughSunday 26th March 2017

The second NavDash outing for 2017 is on a Sunday morning, taking advantage of a brand new map at John Curtin College of the Arts. There will be plenty of navigational challenges including some small areas of bush next to the school coupled with the school grounds.

The location is close to the many Fremantle coffee shops, perfect for


North Fremantle Metro Series

Glengarry 0061Head to Gilbert Fraser Reserve, Johannah St, North Fremantle on Sunday morning, 12th March, for a classic "between river and sea” scatter event. You’ll discover parts of North Fremantle you have never seen before, including Harvey Beach, Cypress Hill, Buckland Hill and its old world war two gun emplacements. There is plenty of river frontage to explore


2016/17 Metro Series Standings

With only the final event at North Fremantle to go, the Metro Series Category Awards have arrived at the pointy edge!

There are several classes where the current standings can change at North Fremantle, and two classes where people need to run in order to have completed 8 events.

The Open Men (Long Course) prizewinners are decided, their positions cannot change. On the Medium Course, in Veteran Women, Sharon McFarlane, currently in 6th position, could leapfrog those ahead of


This week: Kingsley Metro Series

flagsSaturday 4th March

Goollelal Primary School, Cadogan St, Kingsley

Mass start scatter event with 3 distance options so choose the distance that suits you. Select from a 2-3km, 4-6km or 7-8km course. Registration is open from 4.15pm with the start at 5pm. Metro Series events are all enter on the


Current Standings in the Metro Series

With only 3 events to go, the Metro Series Category Awards are up for grabs!

Have you run the 8 events you need to make your scores from your events count towards the overall series results? The current standings can change during the final 3 events, however to improve your position and possibly qualify for an award you must have completed 8 events.

This week: Yokine Reserve Metro event

Sunday 12 February 2017
Yokine Reserve, Wordsworth Avenue
Yokine Reserve plays host to this week's scatter style orienteering Sunday session.  When this location was last used, the

Summer Training sessions

Weekly training is available in Perth based in two areas, one west and one east of the city. Training in the west is on Thursday evenings and in the east on Friday evenings, so if you are super keen you can get in two training sessions a week! All sessions run from 5.30-6.30pm.

Check the venues and activities for each session on the weekly scehdule:

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