WA Middle Distance Championships 2018

webenewsjumbuckbellsSaturday 22nd September 2018

Jumbuck Hill (Bells)

Spring well and truly sprung on Saturday with temperatures in the high 20s, 106 intrepid orienteers sprang to it - to navigate the steep slopes, rocky hilltops, swathes of vegetation and hopefully took a moment to enjoy the views while competing in the Middle Distance Championships at Jumbuck (Bells). The courses were Middle Distance style with lots of controls and short legs between controls to keep the orienteers concentrating.

It was an interesting area to set as the limited access and steep slopes added to the usual challenges of setting a Championship event. Some words from the Setter

“I must thank unknown and identified people who volunteered me feedback on the technical aspects of the courses. This is greatly appreciated. I would l have liked some feedback from Course 1 competitors and if possible from parents of Course 6 and 7 competitors to put into my mind for future events. I must thank the lady who asked if next time that the weather be a little cooler. Yes, I think I will pray to the weather gods to ensure a cooler event next time!

To Rosalie: thanks for stepping in at the last moment picking up the pieces at that late stage was very very helpful. Rosalie's experience and dedication was greatly appreciated. Graham is the consummate controller. Unflappable, experienced and "on the ball" made setting so much easier. His feedback contributed greatly to allowing me to set in such a difficult area. Lack of access was the greatest challenge, and I offered up a number of scenarios for starts. After eliminating a heap of scenarios myself, a mess of emails later, we came up with what we ended up as our final model. I hope the challenge was accepted positively.

Thanks go to all that helped on the day. By noon Saturday I was, to use the vernacular, absolutely "buggered" after carrying water up the hill, putting out 70, yes, seventy controls, 55 Friday and 15 Saturday. I was spent. Thanks to my wife Jan, who left her busy schedule of coffee and movies to walk up the hill to help Graham with the starts.

This event was made possible by Robert Boekelaar (Setter), Graham Braid (Controller) and Rosalie McCauley (Organiser) with support from Digby Mercer (Caravan tower), Daisy McCauley (general fixer), Dan Greig and Carol Brownlie (Presentation managers) and of course the always helpful WOW control collectors and Melinda Richards (Computer Operator extraordinaire).

Occasional helpers were great: Don and Val Mason, offers from Peter Komyshan, Ken and Helen Post, Nick Lethbridge, and Peter Hamilton. To the control collectors dragooned into climbing back up the mountain: much, much thanks go to Ken and Carol Brownlie, Dan Grieg, Graeme Harris, Digby Mercer, Daisy and Rosalie McCauley and my comrade in organising this event, Graham Braid.”

Robert Boekelaar, Setter

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Orienteering WA acknowledges the Noongar people, the Traditional and continuing Custodians of the land on which we gather to enjoy our sport, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.