• Sunday, 05 May 2024


A crisp autumn morning greeted the orienteers at Wundabiniring on Sunday. Some mid-week rain had settled the dust and softened the ground making for very enjoyable orienteering conditions.

Just over 90 people went out on the range of courses, with distances set to a standard mindful of this being an early bush event. Those who wished to stretch their legs and get back into bush running could head north around the gullies, while a short hard course offered a navigation challenge to those hoping to avoid climb.

The VE and E courses were popular with quite a few family groups out enjoying the day with 7 entries actually being 16 people on the course. A good reminder to have enough maps available for all classes no matter the pre-entry levels, especially at the start of the bush season.

Most orienteers seemed happy on their return, although as it was mentioned before setting and on event day the map is showing its age, both in vegetation changes but also notably in rock mapping style. A fresh, complete remap would be warranted to keep this enjoyable bush area usable and accurate in the future. People also seemed happy to enjoy the homemade Anzac biscuits and banana muffins provided as a refuelling option at the end of the event. Thanks Nicole Davis and Katherine Lommers for the baked treats.

Setting posed some challenges, not least when the setters car died leaving our assistant setter, Mark Lommers, to step up providing transport for the taping and putting out the controls. Mark committed much more time and energy to this event than he could have anticipated, and it was very much appreciated. This also limited the number of visits to the map to cross check and refine the control placement, obviously not ideal!

Organiser Helen Bailey was exceptionally organised and the roster of helpers was filled quickly. Thanks to Peter Gillon for towing the caravan, John Taylor for towing the toilet and Ian Fletcher for morning set up. Instructors were Moreen Cox, Rosemary Kullmann and Jan Fletcher. Quinn and Neve Lommers made sure you got to the start, flagging the route. Richard Matthews managed the start while Nicole Davis managed the team at the assembly area. Liisa Hirvonen and Mike Howe collected the road signs and Peter Gillon and Anna Napier took on unloading the caravan when it returned the storage shed.

Control collections thanks to Mark Lommers, Chas Lane, Tony Simpkins and Jennifer Binns, Jack Dowling, Anna Napier, John and Janine Taylor, Tim Sharp and family, and Jiri Vales and Veronika Kubinova. You’ll notice the multiple club team effort that efficiently collected our 40 odd controls and we thank everyone who put up their hand to help on a map with limited road access for collection.

To attendees, it might have looked like smooth sailing but there were several on-the-day dramas, mostly related to car issues, accidents and breakdowns that limited the number of people available on the day. Thank you to everyone who helped get people to the event and back home as we car pooled and moved people around. Truly a team effort.

A big thank you to the setters Nicole Davis and Richard Matthews, assistant setter Mark Lommers, and organiser Helen Bailey. Finally, thank you to Edward Plummer who chauffeured the setters and made sure they could get to their event and back to Perth!

Results are available in Eventor.
Upload your track to Livelox and compare your route choices with those of your fellow orienteers.

Photo: Finishers at Wundabiniring, by Nicole Davis.

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