• Sunday, 03 July 2022

John Forrest National Park

It was a crisp and sunny July morning for this year's edition of the John Forrest event where we saw 96 entrants brave the parrot bush and challenging mix of hills and prickly flora, the H1 course taking in some 390m of elevation.

We welcomed the Juniors from their Winter Camp for some great coaching opportunities and experience on the various courses. A high turnout for the H1 course of 10 competitors saw good competition with John Toomey winning and 6 competitors coming in less than 6 minutes apart. 

We had good numbers on the H3 (26 starts) won by Graham Braid, H4 (25 starts) won by Dan Greig, and many of the other competitors finding the courses to live up to its name of "hard" navigation. The E course also had a good turnout of 19 starts and won by Tara Sinclair. 

Recognition to the experienced orienteers taking up to 2 hours on the H4 and hanging in there over the steep and rough terrain as there was no H5 course option this time. 

Thank you to setters Andre Morkel and Phil Taylor, organiser Mark Lommers, computer and admin Jack Dowling, control collectors Rachel West, Mark Lommers, Tim Sharp, Tony Simpkins and Mike Howe, and Noel Schoknecht for preparing the map. Thanks also to the organisers of the String course - it was enjoyed by the young orienteers.

Results are now available in Eventor.
Upload your track to Livelox and compare your route choices with those of your fellow orienteers.
Photos from the event are on the OWA Facebook page.

Photo: A group starting, by Sue Dowling.

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