Event Report: NavDash 3 Whiteman Park

Sunday, 27 March 2022

Whiteman Park, Whiteman

Sunday March 27th was a busy day for orienteering at Whiteman Park. A Beginner's Course was held in conjuction with the 3rd NavDash event of the year, and the OWA AGM was held after the NavDash event. 

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Beginner's Course
NavDash 3
OWA AGM 2022

Beginner's Course

A Beginner's Course was held at the Whiteman Park event. The group were given basic instruction on map reading and compass use. They then practiced their skills on the Whiteman Park Anytime Orienteering Village course with coaches helping them. After practice they ventured out on their own to try their skills around the NavDash event's Easy Course.

One beginnner group learnt the skills so successfully they won the Easy course and went on to have a go at the Hard course as well. Morning tea was shared and flyers for the upcoming Manning Park bush event were distributed. Hopefully a good time was had by all, and we hope to see them at an event again soon!

Many thanks to the coaches who made themselves available to help: Sten Claessens, Rob and Lois West, Riley and Sharon McFarlane, Craig Dufty, Jan Fletcher, Anthea Feaver and Andries Swart. It was much appreciated. Thanks to Rob West for creating the Manning Park flyers to hand out and Melinda Richards for advertising the course and managing the event registration and SI hire. Finally, a big thank you goes to Rachel West for organising the Beginner's Course.

Photo: Beginner instructing by Rachel & OWA coaches, taken by Pam Yeatman.


NavDash 3

Updated to the current Sprint standard and taking in the large increase in paved parking, the Whiteman Village area map provided lots of running but not a lot of navigational challenges. The latter were even more limited when a section of the tramway tracks was closed for renewal.

A large turnout of old and new (the latter attracted by Rachel’s beginner’s course) did, however, enjoy themselves – around 100 people, many running multiple courses, including a complete clean out of Long course maps.

Thanks go to the many who helped make it happen. Jack Dowling did the mapping and setting, Sue Dowling the organising, and Paul Dowling warmed up by waking up the controls before doing his own course. Penny Dufty and Sue carried out 'meet and greet' activities. Paul, Jack, Rob Beattie and Ian Clayton collected controls afterwards – sacrificing their chance to attend the OWA AGM! Melinda Richards and her friend Pam ran the caravan, and Pam wielded her camera to take all the event photos. In the background, assistance came from Noel Schoknecht and Paul Dowling with mapping, Dan Grieg with venue booking and hire and Sarah Stevenson from Whiteman Park who fielded a stream of queries re access and options related to the threatened inclement weather (which, fortunately, did not materialise).

Results are available in Eventor and you can check out other people's route choices in Livelox.
Photos from the event are on the OWA Facebook page.

Photo: Lachlan, taken by Pam Yeatman.


OWA AGM 2022

The OWA AGM was held at Whiteman Park after the NavDash.

Congratulations to those who have been elected to the 2022 OWA Council:
President: Anna Napier
Vice President: Jan Fletcher
Treasurer: Susan Coleman
Secretary: Ceri Pass
Technical: Tony Simpkins
Mapping: Noel Schoknecht
MTBO: Hadrien Devillepoix
Coaching: Rob West
General committee members: Rachel West, Liisa Hirvonen, and Matt Seward.

Thank you to all of you for taking on (or continuing in) these positions. Your contribution to the smooth operation of OWA is much appreciated. Thanks also to retiring general committee members Tom Brownlie and to Melinda Richards (who is now OWA's Admin Officer).

Photo: Some of OWA's Council members, taken by Pam Yeatman.

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