Little Frazzle Event Report

daleriverwebSunday 5th August 2018

Little Frazzle, near Beverley

Little Frazzle might be a small piece of map but it's a challenging area with close packed features and grazed paddocks with very little undergrowth. Parts are quite steep and rocky and there is plenty of granite detail making it ideal for middle-distance courses. Recent rain made for some grass covered rock and wet ground, although a dry cool winters day for orienteering is always a lovely thing.

This was a SOL (State Orienteering League) event so you might have earned points for the Orienteer of the Year provided you entered the nominated course for your age group. SOL Progressive Standings will be updated once final results are confirmed.

Thanks to Setters Phil Dufty and Paul Dowling, Organsier Penny Dufty with John and Jenny Major controlling. Also thanks to caravan towers Simon Windsor and Rob and Lois West. And to all in BO who helped make it a great day out orienteering. Thanks are also due to Grant Hobbs, the owner of the property and Jason Griffiths, owners of the assembly area and parking lot. They have generously allowed access to this lovely area on several occasions.

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Turner Hill MTBO Event Report

Turner Hill to the Start 2 eddieSunday 29th July 2018

There was a good turnout of orienteers ranging from long-term very experienced to first timers. They all seemed to enjoy the challenging courses, set by Jack Dowling and Shane Lewis, with plenty of up and down hill legs and some rather overgrown tracks. Turner Hill, with its mountain bike trails is a popular spot for bike riders, so we had several people who turned up to ride these trails and wanted to know more about MTBO. Maybe we'll get some more converts?

With the forecast rain missing in action it made for a great day on the bike.

Thanks to the setters and all those who helped make this event happen!

Photos from the event and maps can be found at the Orienteering WA Facebook page

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Jorgensen Park Event Report

ianwebenewsSunday 22nd July 2018

Easy Trail Orienteering
Jorgensen Park, Kalamunda

The wild, wet and windy weather didn't deter a generous turn-out for the low-key and fun Jorgensen Park Trail-O, which was greatly appreciated by the many people who put the event together and hoped for fine weather!

The trail-based "Easy - Navigation" courses were easy by name only and provided plenty of challenges on the day, not least soggy maps, steamed-up glasses and impromptu creek crossings. The "easier" courses served as a great introduction to orienteering for all ages, with several families and groups racing as teams and many others happy to go for a nice Sunday morning stroll, whilst taking in some of the splendid views the lovely park has to offer.

For the more experienced orienteers, there were strategic advantages to be gained by running smart route choices across the varied terrain and some particularly impressive times were achieved across all of the courses.

Many people pitched in with little prompting to make this event a real success, not least caravaneers, Melinda, Pam, Cameron, Rosalie and David; plus control placers, advisers, checkers and collectors, Helen, Richard, Graham, Daisy and Ian, amongst others.

Ian Finnie

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