Annual Dinner 2018

OWA Dinner 2018 websiteThe Annual OWA Award and Volunteer Dinner on Saturday 29th October is a celebration of the year and a chance to acknowledge our champions, volunteers and achievements over the past year. And a chance to leave the gaiters off and put on the glad rags!

Once again, we had the chance to see the year in review with a wonderful photo show collated by Rob West. This year a “what were they thinking” game complimented the photos, making use of some of the fun photos over the year.

After dinner and onto the presentations with Lily MacFarlane and Luan Swart thanking Rob and Lois West and Daisy McCauley for their work as Team Coaches and Managers at the recent Schools and National Championships in South Australia.

We recognised our Volunteers of the Year who represent all the many others who do so much to keep the association running. Be it setting events, managing the equipment, running coaching courses, keeping on top of the finances and many more tasks everyone contributes. This year Volunteers of the Year were:

This year Volunteers of the Year were:

Mapping Paul Dowling For support of week to week map production. Setting up and creating maps, legends etc.
Event Technical Suport Dave Pass For his work as Equipment Officer, especially refurbishing control stands and flags, making a new set of Metro Controls, and dealing with other equipment and Shed issues in an efficient manner.
Coaching Rachel West • taken over the Nomads group and revived elite coaching
• together with Craig made a major contribution to the Juniors camp by organising both coaching and an excellent 'Camp Champs' event. She also delivered a much appreciated talk on pre-race planning and post-event recovery to the older juniors.
• contributed coaching sessions to the West of the city Summer coaching and training series.
Development John Toomey John Toomey was one of a small group that started the ADHOC club in 2014 and has been a driving force in its development. Although membership numbers are still relatively small, participation in events has grown substantially with recent events drawing numbers in the 40’s to 60’s. In addition, orienteering in schools in the orienteering area has thrived, in no small part due to John’s mapping of schools and training of teachers. John has mapped areas for orienteering, set and controlled events, mentored other setters and trained coaches. This year he has established a program to attract and develop young orienteers in the area, agreed to run another Level 0 coaches’ course for local teachers and supported the development of Anytime Orienteering courses in the area. Without John (and Jen), it is extremely likely that orienteering in Albany and Hinterland would not exist at all, let alone develop so well.

With a catered dinner complimented by desert from willing helpers the evening moved on to the presentation of trophies for individuals and clubs. This year the overall club trophy was taken home by LOST


Junior Female Orienteer of the Year

Amy Dufty

Kate Braid

Junior Male Orienteer of the Year

 Aldo Bosman

Female Orienteer of the Year

Anthea Feaver

Male Orienteer of the Year

Ian Fletcher

Jeff Whittam Rising Star Female

Lucy Jarrett

Jeff Whittam Rsising Star Male

Patrick Dufty

WA Female Long Distance Champion (Open)

 Rachel West

WA Male Long Distance Champion (Open)

Henry McNulty

WA Female Middle Distance Champion

Rachel West

WA Male Middle Distance Champion

Henry McNulty

WA Female Sprint  Distance Champion

Joanna Maynard

WA Male Sprint Distance Champion

Oliver Martin

Rutty Rock for Champion Club  - Relays


Bengtsson-Offrell Trophy -

Champion Club


MetrO Series Champion Club 2016/2017


Mountain Bike Orienteering

Female Mountain Bike Orienteer of the Year

Debbie McKay

Male Mountain Bike Orienteer of the Year

Mason Eves

State Open Middle Distance Female Champion

Natasha Sparg

State Open Middle Distance Male Champion

Ricky Thackray

State Open Female Champion

Natasha Sparg

State Open Male Champion

Ricky Thackray

With a catered dinner complimented by desert from willing helpers the evening moved on to the presentation of trophies for individuals and clubs. This year the overall club trophy was taken home by LOST.

All importantly who got the Golden Gumnuts? For those of us being caught doing something rather silly or slightly embarrassing. our efforts were rewards in front of our fellow Orienteers. Memorable blunders focused on forgetfulness this year from forgetting where e-tags and compasses and events were, forgetting the right control descriptions and even forgetting to take team members to events!

As ever our thanks go to the Perth Weavers Society for the use of their Hall and to Sue Grieg and her helpers for setting up the venue. Helen Bailey and Carol Brownlie for overall organisation, Nicole for stocking and managing the bar, dessert and nibbles platters, Jan collecting the trophies and organising the engraving and the host of other willing hands to tidy up the hall.

See you all next year!

All the photos from the night on our Facebook page

See you all next year!

UltraSprint 2018 Event Report

Ultra Sprint Leeming SHS Oct 2018 websiteSunday 21st October 2018

Leeming Senior High School

Following on from the inaugural event last year, Leeming Senior High School was the venue for the UltraSprint this year. Three courses shoe-horned into a smallish campus, lots of twists and turns and head scratching. The school gardeners had been enthusiastically removing trees in the lead up to the event (unbeknown to the setter until the day before!) and it would seem they even relocated some trees (or was that the mapper’s slightly dodgy mapping?). The courses appeared to be challenging enough and were well received and I don’t think anyone found themselves inside a Year 8 Maths class.

With no control descriptions you needed to be ultra careful to select the correct control as all were located very close together often on similar features. Perfect control picking skills at speed were rewarded while each mispunch accrued a 30 second time penalty. Was it faster to ponder or punch wrong and run?

A big thank you to the helpers on the day. Rosalie McCauley for organising such a smooth computing system and to Melinda Richards and Nicole Davis for their efforts on registration.

Thanks go to Sten and Ruben Classens, Kate, Lachlan and Rohan Braid for collecting controls.

Thanks to the Admin staff at Leeming SHS for allowing us access to the site – very much appreciated.

Finally, thanks to Ceri Pass for setting up the assembly area and organising the morning.

Graham Braid
Setter - UltraSprint 2019

There is a PDF on Eventor with the combined results of all 3 courses.

The times in the PDF are per course and they are the adjusted time per courses so include the time penalties for wrong/missing controls by courses.


For those interested in the splits via course, these can be found for this event at;
Course One

Course Two

Course Three

2018 Australian Championships Carnival Highlights

henrySaturday 28th September - 7th October 2018

It’s been a busy time in South Australia with the Australian Middle Distance, Relay, Sprint and Long Championships plus the Australian Schools Championships (Sprint, Long & Relay) and to top off the Carnival the SA Middle Distance Championships.

The first weekend, based at Renmark on the Murray, had two great complex terrain with erosion gullies and sandy red river banks. Plus, a double school campus for a fast-paced sprint on a flat course.

Australian Middle Distance Championships results include these fine performances to kick off the carnival;

M/W10N, 1st Rohan Braid
W10, 2nd Amy Dufty
W21AS, 1st Daisy McCauley
W40A, 3rd Ceri Pass
W45B, 3rd Marlize Bosman
WEasy, 1st Sasha Eves
W65A, 1st Carol  Brownlie
W65AS, 1st Jenny Komyshan
M12A, 1st Eckart Bosman
M35A, 2nd Paul Dowling
M45A, 3rd Craig Dufty
M45B, 3rd Jaco Bosman

With over 60 West Australians travelling the Australian Relay Championships had some great team performances from the West Aussies on the complex terrain. Some highlights included;

W55AS 1st Anthea Feaver, Rosalie McCauley , Jenny Komyshan
W65A 2nd Jan Fletcher, Lois West, Carol Brownlie
M21E 3rd Henry McNulty, Andries Swart, Craig Dufty

The Australian Long Championships explored the hills and pine forest of Mt Crawford east of the Adelaide city with the crowning performance of the day Henry McNulty taking first place in M21 Elites by over 7 minutes. The first WA man to claim the title in 20 years. Other WA podium places:

M/W10N 2nd Rohan Braid
W10A 2nd Amy Dufty
W21AS 3rd Daisy McCauley
W40A 3rd Jen Graham Taylor
W45B 1st Marlize Bosman
WEasy 1st Sasha Eves
W65A 2nd Carol Brownlie
M14A 3rd Aldo Bosman
M21E 1st Henry McNulty
M45A 2nd Craig Dufty
M45B 1st Jaco Bosman

Rocks, rocks, and more rocks were the order of the day at The SA Middle Distance, similar to some WA farm maps and many sandgropers enjoyed the last event! Henry again was able to hold off a strong field to take 1st place. The other WA place getters were:

M/W10N 3rd Rohan Braid
W10A 1st Amy Dufty
WEasy 1st Sasha Eves
W21AS 1st Daisy McCauley
W40A 2nd Caeri Pass
W55A 3rd Anthea Feaver
WEasy 3rd Juliette Jarrett
W65A 2nd Carol Brownlie
W65AS 3rd Jenny Komyshan
M10A 3rd Lachlan Braid
M12A 3rd Liam Dufty
M14A 3rd Aldo Bosman
M21E 1st Henry McNulty
M35A 1st Paul Dowling
M45A 2nd John Toomey
M45AS 2nd Paul Jarrett

Add in the three days of the Australian Schools Championships at which the WA schools team acquitted themselves well and ended up ahead of the Tasmanian’s and it was a very full week of events. There will be a full report on the Schools Championships and the WA team adventures in the next issue of O Xpress.

The results and all associated splits and maps can be found on the SA Orienteering website

Lots of Photos via the 2018 Carnival Facebook page

and on the Orienteering WA Facebook page

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