Ashfield Sandy Beach Report

stenandhelperMetro Series: 18th November 2017

The Sandy Bay reserve provided an excellent base for the Metro Series this week. Many orienteers were down by the river enjoying sandy beach, parklands and surrounds. With over 75 entries and many groups there were lots of dogs, teams, kids and bike riders all enjoying the event which was very well set by Sten Claessens.

The winner’s maps, on the Orienteering WA Facebook page, tell the story with many route choices possible. As ever, the medium course with 17 controls out of 28 proved a challenge in decision making while bike riders needed to also consider the ridable routes, with a range of controls on the river side tracks.

Thanks to Deavi and Ruben Claessens for helping out at the registration table, Helen Post who handled meeting, greeting and briefing newcomers and Nicole Davis for event photography.

Many willing control collectors were available this week, much to delight of the setter. He even had to send one volunteer away empty handed! Thanks to Veronika Vavrova, Codey Yates, Dave Pass, Cameron Duncan, Heike Behrbohm, Richard Begley, Debbie McKay and Natasha Sparg who quickly handled bringing in the controls.

If you have time, help is always appreciated by the setters at a Metro Series event either with pre-start assistance to newcomers and briefings or with control collection and packing up the gear. A few willing hands each week makes the organisers job much easier!

Photos and maps from the event are on the Orienteering WA Facebook page

Event Results in Eventor

The Metro Series allocates point from each event to count for overall series winners. You can check your current points total weekly in Eventor.
Series Results in Eventor

Carine Report

sharonmcfarlaneenewsMetro Series: 11th November 2017

After the score event at Samson it was back to a scatter this week at Carine and with many controls close to the start the crowd scattered in all directions. A popular choice for many people was to include a loop of the lake in their route enjoying the wetlands and parkwide trails.

With many closely set controls it was a challenging day to pick an optimal route on the medium course, which needed 18 of the 28 controls. The Long course need 27 from the 28, posing the interesting problem of which was the best to leave out

Thank you to setter Wayne Eliot, the Maynard's and Ken Dalton for set up of the event, Helen Post for the novice briefing and Carol and Ken Brownlie who with Sten helped pack up. Control collectors were Hadrien, Eleanor, Jennifer, Adam Binks and Ken Dalton

Photos and maps from the event are on the Orienteering WA Facebook page

Event Results in Eventor

The Metro Series allocates point from each event to count for overall series winners
Series Results in Eventor

Samson Report

timberMetro Series: 4th November 2017

The first score event of the season, and second Metro event for the 2017 – 2018 program, saw over 70 people navigating their way around the streets, parks, hills and small area of bushland in the bright sunshine at Sir Frederick Samson Park. The variety of terrain and multiple route choice options made for a challenging and enjoyable event. Runners, walkers, families, dogs and bikes all enjoyed the course set by Ricky Thackray.

The longer 60 minute time limit allowed people to explore further than would normally be possible at a scatter event.  Of all the participants, only two managed to clear the course on foot and one on the bike. The time gap between the top two finishers, Sten and Alexandra was just 36 secs after both completed the entire course and covering 12 kms, with only fifty metres difference in distance, yet they both selected entirely different routes! Congratulations to everyone for getting around.

Thanks go to Richard B & Debbie M, Rob B, Adam B, Tash S and Graeme H for control collecting and to Wayne and the Dale family for helping pack up. Thanks also to Ricky for another tRicky course and the new map.

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