Event Report: Bush 6 Jorgensen Park

Sunday, 20 June 2021

A wet, windy and cold Sunday was promised by the Weather Bureau but Paul and Erica Smale and Jenny and John Major were up early to set up the Jorgensen Park event, hoping there would be some intrepid and dedicated orienteers turn up. We were not disappointed as several hearty souls defied the weather and turned out to take part. Most were lucky and only got wet from the bush as the rain eased.

A big thank you goes to Ceri for towing the caravan, Melinda for computer duties and Erica for gate duties. This last duty was necessary as Kalamunda Shire had allocated us a designated parking area solely for our use. In addition to our event there many locals who came to the opening of their Community Centre and were upset at being denied the extra parking area when theirs filled up. Erica handled the problems very well. Thanks also go to the KO team of control collectors - Lachie, Rohan, Sten, Ceri, Veronica, Heike, Jen and Paul - and to John and Erica for packing everything away. A really big thank you is due to setters Paul and Jenny.

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Event Report: Bush 4/5 WA Classic Kenine Hill

Sunday, 06 June 2021

Day 1 Middle Distance

Despite an early forecast of light drizzle, there was a total of 81 competitors on Day 1. On arrival, they were greeted by a change in the weather to windy and rainy for the duration of the event with fine weather returning after the last competitor finished. People camping had a chilly night despite a huge bonfire kindly provided by landowner Russel Thomson.

Courses were set by Peter O’Loughlin who unfortunately was unable to be present on the weekend due to a medical issue. From positive feedback received from competitors, everyone enjoyed the courses although some claimed they were led astray by magnetic abnormalities in areas of the map.

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Event Report: Bush 3 Malmalling NE

Sunday, 23 May 2021

Despite the weather forecast and a Rogaine the previous day, almost 80 people came out to enjoy the courses set by Nick Dale and controlled by Ian Fletcher in some of our most challenging orienteering terrain. Many thanks to both of them. And the weather in the morning was delightful. Once the fog rolled away, we enjoyed beautiful autumn weather until after lunch. Even the control collectors only had a very light, occasional sprinkle to put up with.

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