Event Report: MTBO 5 Darlington

 Sunday 28th July 2019

Location: Owen Rd, Darlington

 Darlington2019 racing

Mostly sunny with a cool easterly breeze made for great riding conditions at this event. Centred in the village of Darlington, the thirty riders took to the Heritage Trail and the steep hills with a choice of three challenging courses ranging from 9kms to 25kms. Many of the riders tried not to be distracted by the beautiful water flowing down the creeks and the numerous small waterfalls. One highlight was the close tussle between father and son, Daniel and Mason Eves on the Medium Course with just 22 second difference. This time it was Mason who took the honours over his Dad.

Event Report: WA Middle Distance Championships

Sunday 21st July 2019

Avon Valley National Park mid distance champs dangreig

Approximately 85 people (including 66 official competitors) attended the Middle Distance Championships at the Avon Valley National Park on a generally dry day.  The courses traversed a variety of moderately steep incised drainage and rocky sections with a range of vegetation from open forest to thicker, better-to-avoid bush.  Fastest times were mainly as planned, with the exception of the E course which was obviously too short/easy for Aldo Bosman!

Event Report: Relays John Forrest National Park

 Sunday 4th August 2019

Twenty seven teams competed in the relays at the picturesque but wet John Forrest National Park on Sunday morning. Most people were happy with the courses but running times were a little slower than expected which in part was the result of slippery conditions in the steep, rocky bush on the northern half of the map.


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