John Curtin College NavDash Report

Sunday  22nd May 2018

The Three PoppiesRain Schmain! Over 80 orienteers ignored the rain and had a great time zipping between buildings, around flower beds, up and down stairs and galloping across the lawns at the Three Poppies Navdash held at John Curtin College of the Arts. As an added challenge, competitors were asked to 'Count the poppies' attached at random to the controls while running their courses. The three winners of Count the Poppies - Shaun, Ellie and Joseph each took home a punnet of poppy seedlings and a pumpkin!

The Three Poppies (Daisy, Christine and Rosie) thank the following people for helping make the day a success. Noel - for updating the map twice, Liane Hadlow for helping us access the area, McCTeam (Cameron, Jane and Melinda) for managing the computer and the wonderful control collectors and packer uppers (Carol, Ken, Anne and Graham).

Lastly, at the event the WOW Convenor announced the winner of the competition to make the most number of words using only the letters in Wullundigong. Who knew that Dowling could be found in a WOW word! For his mastery of the English Language and outstanding humour in carefully providing a definition of each word - Graham Harris also took home a punnet of poppies and a pumpkin. He managed to find 135 words! More details on the competition will be released by the WOW convenor when she wakes up from a very long, restful nap.

Photos from the event and maps can be found at the Orienteering WA Facebook page

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MTBO Falcon report

ShortcourseFalconSunday 15th May 2018

Forty two people enjoyed the courses set by Graham Smith on the shore of the estuary at Falcon on Sunday morning. A new map had been produced by Jack Dowling and Graham Smith that encompassed bushland and residential land and numerous people commented on how lovely it was to ride along the shore adjacent to such wonderful bird habitat.

The weather was beautiful as were the cakes and cookies supplied by Pam Smith and Debbie McKay.

The Long course was won by Ricky Thackray, the Medium course by Andrew Martin, the Short course by Sasha and Daniel Eves and the Kids course by Damo and Lee Cook. Steve Fletcher ran the Medium course and completed it 9 minutes behind the winner on the bike.

Thanks go to Graham Smith, Steve Pielage, Dave Pass and Wendy Hobley.

Photos from the event and maps can be found at the Orienteering WA Facebook page

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Easter 2018 Tasmania

carolEvent Wrap: Australian 3 Day Championship

19 West Australian orienteers enjoyed the Easter 2018 Australian 3 Day in Tasmania. Congrats to Carol Brownlie (W65) and Mike Howe (M75) who had a very successful weekend and both won their class in the Australian 3 Day.

A warm up event at registration on Thursday in the Domain Park in Central Hobart, was followed by a sprint / prologue event at the University of Tasmania campus in Sandy Bay. A scenic spot but like much of Hobart hilly, so not the typical flatter sprint that sandgropers might be used to but a great fun area with lots of twists, turns, stairs and thinking.

The main Australian 3 Day was held over 2 areas, one north of Hobart with rocks, slopes and subtle gullies, while the last day made use of an “Adventure Centre” with all sorts of features on the map. Great variety and a great carnival from the Orienteering Tasmania team.

Next year we’ll all get to enjoy the event in our own backyard with the Easter 2019 in Western Australia.

Photos from the event and maps can be found at the Orienteering WA Facebook page

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