Event Report: NavDash 5 Russells Gully


Sunday 9th June 2019

Some 53 competitors braved the weather and came and enjoyed the Russell Gully event set by first time setter Sarah Richards, who is in the middle of sitting her Year 11 exams. The rain added to the challenge with slippery rock surfaces and water in the creeks. The long course included a map flip to keep the course interesting and on the short course half the branches has blown off the dead tree in the strong winds. The rain held off an most competitors managed to get run with only a light shower.

Event Report: MTBO 3 Carinyah


Saturday 8th June 2019

A number of die-hard mountain bike orienteers braved the inclement weather to come to Carinyah for this year’s 3rd MTBO event. The afternoon bagan well, nice and sunny and perfect for a 7 km ride around the Carinyah map with the Guided Tour. It was a social ride that also covered some good navigation tips. Afterwards we practiced bike handling skills - heavy pedals & light hands and put it all to the test. Focusing on putting all your weight to your pedals helps keep the centre of gravity on your bike low and close to the ground. This helps you keep more stable, and is good for cornering and any sort of riding.

Event Report: MTBO 2 Banyowla

TowSystemBanyowla2019Saturday, 25th May 2019

Banyowla Regional Park

Saturday was a hilly day filled with sunshine, pea gravel, honkey nuts, dirt bike trails and controls placed in bush, urban and open areas. There was a huge variety of entrants with many people riding the less hilly short course. The Medium course could have been shorter to account for the hills, while the Long course had lots of hills and difficult route choice decisions to make. Well done to everyone who ventured out on this map!

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