2018 WA Schools Team

Resize of WILLETON SHS State Team 2The 2018 Australian Schools Championship are taking place in South Australia on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th October as part of the Australian Orienteering Championship Carnival 2018. The WA Schools Team representatives have now been announced. Congratulations to all selected and run well!

Senior girls: Lily McFarlane (Female Captain), Lucy Jarrett
Senior boys: Luan Swart (Male Captain), Jordon Neill
Junior girls: Sarah Richards, Zali Dale
Junior boys: Aldo Bosman, Riley McFarlane, Patrick Dufty, Mason Eves, Shaun Richards, Joseph Coleman

Daisy McCauley - Coach/Tour Director
Lois West - Manager
Rob West - Coach

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Australian Sports Commission
Department of Local Government,Sport and Cultural Industries