2016/17 Metro Series Standings

With only the final event at North Fremantle to go, the Metro Series Category Awards have arrived at the pointy edge!

There are several classes where the current standings can change at North Fremantle, and two classes where people need to run in order to have completed 8 events.

The Open Men (Long Course) prizewinners are decided, their positions cannot change. On the Medium Course, in Veteran Women, Sharon McFarlane, currently in 6th position, could leapfrog those ahead of her into 2nd place. In Veteran Men, Ron Marcus can tie for 1st with Andrew Martin, but only providing Ron wins at North Fremantle and Andrew finishes 3rd or below.

For the Short Course, in Sub-Junior Men 2nd and 3rd places are very close between Shaun Richards and Mason Eves and the North Fremantle result will be vital. In Novice Juniors Ruben Claessens can win if he gets any sort of result at North Fremantle, and finally Supervet Women is also very close. Lois West needs a good result over Jan Fletcher to take 1st place, but could also lose her current 2nd position to Toni Frank with a poor result at North Freo!

In Junior Men and Supervet Men, if Tyler Eves and Bryan Hardy don’t run at North Fremantle then there will be no prize awarded in their respective classes.

Eventor records all the progressive standings for the Series so you can Check your personal score in the Eventor Metro Series Results.
Note that these standings will include all participants across the summer and some people do not qualify for the overall awards.

Listed below are the current overall award standings, but only those for people who have completed 7 or more events. If your name does not appear, then it is because either you have not competed on the correct course for your age category, or you have completed less than 7 events and cannot affect the final standings.


Long Course

Open Men

Pos. Name Club Events Pts
1 Ricky Thackray BO 10 800
2 Sten Claessens KO 8 796
3 Oliver Martin WOW 8 790
4 Graeme Harris WOW 14 759
5 Bernhard Klingseisen KO 10 748
6 Jason Simpson LOST 11 745
7 Calum McLeod 8 729

Medium Course

Junior Men

Pos. Name Club Events Pts
1 Tyler Eves BO 7 656

Veteran Women

Pos. Name Club Events Pts
1 Rosalie McCauley WOW 9 682
2 Debra Lethbridge WOW 8 624
3 Moreen Cox LOST 12 617
4 Michelle Martin WOW 8 597
5 Jenny Major KO 9 588
6 Sharon McFarlane BO 7 573
7 Melinda Richards WOW 7 489

Veteran Men

Pos. Name Club Events Pts
1 Andrew Martin WOW 12 795
2 Ron Marcus WOW 14 793
3 Nick Dale LOST 11 789
4 Tony Simpkins LOST 11 768
5 Ian Fletcher LOST 10 743
6 Rob West BO 10 739
7 Ken Brownlie WOW 9 723
8 Maurice Patten Red Roos 10 697
9 Mike Howe LOST 11 683
10 Ken Dalton WOW 10 680
11 Phil Taylor LOST 7 633
12 John Major KO 9 622
13 Richard Matthews LOST 7 606
14 Jack Dowling BO 8 583
15 Alan Cox LOST 8 550
16 Toivo Pedaste LOST 7 528

Short Course

Sub-Junior Men

Pos. Name Club Events Pts
1 Riley McFarlane BO 12 793
2 Shaun Richards WOW 10 784
3 Mason Eves BO 8 782

Sub-Junior Women

Pos. Name Club Events Pts
1 Lily McFarlane BO 9 781
2 Sarah Richards WOW 8 759

Novice Junior

Pos. Name Club Events Pts
1 Archie Brownlie WOW 10 678
2 Ruben Claessens KO 7 612

Supervet Men

Pos. Name Club Events Pts
1 Bryan Hardy WOW 7 667

Supervet Women

Pos. Name Club Events Pts
1 Jan Fletcher LOST 10 747
2 Lois West BO 10 744
3 Toni Frank BO 8 728
4 Sue Dowling BO 8 671

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