Metro Series Results so far...

Well done everyone, the 2015-16 Metro Series has set off with a bang this year as the categories are already experiencing a re-shuffle or two. See the Series standings so far here.

Graeme Harris is topping the ladder on the long course this week with Simon Spagnol coming second. Sten Claessens has two long course wins but missed out on one event (due to being the setter) so he is coming third overall; overtaking the previous week's top man,

Steve Lock. I hear from some little birds that Sten may miss out on a few future events - so who knows what will happen? Polly Weston the top woman, despite missing out last weeks Metro to compete and win an adventure race in Tasmania. However Rachel West, a strong operator who is in training for the 6inch Trail Ultra Marathon is steadily working her way up the ladder.

On the Medium course Oliver Martin is still proving to be a fast navigator and runner, however there is some very close competition with Ron Marcus gaining and on his tail in the series. Ron has overtaken Andrew Martin in this week's stakes and is a proven runner, with excellent navigation skills so he is certainly an adversary worthy of some pre-race heckling. Oliver was seen at the start of this weeks race trying to convince Ron that he had to collect 13 controls - instead of 12. Good one Oliver! Christine Howitt was running fast and very well this week and has pipped the women in the medium course. Carol Brownlie did not race this week, allowing for Jennifer Binns to take the opportunity to go for second in the ladder - but how long will this last?

It was a surprise at number 2 on the short course where Coreen Maynard snuck in and out at her last control before a sprint race podium finish while Duncan Sullivan and Ori Gudes were searching for their last control number two - on the wrong jetty. Coreen took out 1st place, showing her girls how it's done and where their orienteering racing genes came from. Ori was of course happy for beating his mountain biking buddy Duncan however this is not enough in the final standings to trip up Duncan's good race history so far. Duncan held on to top spot in the short course, while Sarah Richards widened the lead in the women's field over Michelle Martin and her team-mate Lily McFarlane. Well done everyone!

Last weekend saw many newcomers to the sport of Orienteering and I urge you all to stop and have a chat to anyone who is new to the sport and considering entering on the day. Please make them feel welcome and of course help anyone who looks a bit lost! A special mention goes to the Ellett family this week who went out on the short course - but unfortunatley were short of one control when they finished. What an Adventure! It is a Fantastic result and many of us (the elite runners are especially known for it) have come back to the finish missing one (or two control punches) often meaning that they have missed out on taking out first, second or third place. It is a common occurence but a fun adventure. Just so long as we all had fun, running, jogging or walking on an orienteering course, getting out and about, healthy and active! Well done guys! Hats off to you!

Metro tips:

1) In the section on the punch card that says "course" write the number of controls you need to get. It will be printed on your map - but this is a handy reminder for while you are punching the control card.

2) Plan your route beforehand, preferably at the start. One minute planning time can save you much bother at the end of your course looking for that one extra control that you need, it also helps to make sure you are running the right way out of the start.

3) Count the controls you have already collected on your punchcard as you are running/jogging or walking, so that you know how many controls are left in your 'quota'. I like to feel the perforations in the punchcard, to confirm the numbers, and often I would plan my remaining controls on the map so that I know I have them all and that I feel confident while collecting the rest of my controls!

4) For those who run with advanced technology (ie: GPS watches, smart phones etc) you can use a 'lap' function to count the controls you collect. Simply press 'lap' on your device when you punch every control and this way you will have a clear display on your device of how many controls (laps) you have punched. Also you can upload your GPS trace, from strava, runkeeper and other GPS apps here to compare your route with others!

Happy Adventure Running everyone and we hope to see you at next weeks event!

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