WA hits the mark in Ballarat!

A large contingent of WA locals, including our WA Schools Team, travelled to Ballarat to represent WA in the Australian Orienteering Championships carnival. Held in Victoria. Our Schools Team members held many top ten results and had a great time. All Orienteering races have different levels of difficulty and distances according to each age group. Using a map to navigate from checkpoint to checkpoint in as little time possible, in complicated mining terrain can be very tricky when you are used to WA’s rolling spur-gully bushland. Well done everyone!

Saturday 26th September was the Victorian Middle distance championships in Creswick. W12 had a 2.5km course and Sky McMullen got 3rd place overall! W14’s had a 2.8km course and Michaela Maynard got 5th place – only 2 minutes behind the podium winner. In the 17-20A with a 2.7km course Bo Davie achievesd 2nd place with a time of 41 minutes. In W55 our Anthea Feaver took 2nd place on a 3km course in a whopping 29 minutes – only a minute behind the winner. Carol Brownlie was on form taking the outright win in W60’s 2.6km course with a time of 39 minutes. Theresa Howe came 2nd in W65’s with 34 minutes on a 2.3km course, Janet Fletcher in the top 10, 9th place with 42 minutes. Riley McFarlane in M12’s coming 8th on a 2.5km course in 30 minutes. Joel McMullen coming 4th in M14’s on a 3.3km course. Henry McNulty coming 10th overall in M21Elites with a time of 41 minutes on a 5.8km course. Ian Dalton took 2nd in M40’s on a 4.4km course in a time of 51 minutes. In M65’s we had two top ten results, Tony Simpkins in 7th place on the 3km course in 32 minutes and shortly after in 33 minutes - Ian Fletcher in 9th place. In Women’s Juniors Rianna Pocsidio was in second place on the 2.8km course, followed by Hannah Schnell in 5th place in a time of 40 minutes. In Women’s Open easy, Sharon McFarlane, the mother of the very successful McFarlane kids on the schools team, had achieved a wonderful second place on the 2.5km course with a time of 33 minutes.

On Sunday 27th September it was the World Ranking Middle distance championships in Creswick. W12’s 3km course saw Sky McMullen in 4th place with a time of 37 minutes. A very fast run! W14’s had Michalea Maynard in 8th place with 37 minutes on a 2.9km course, and Lily McFarlane not far below in 12th place with 42 minutes. In W16’s Joanna Maynard is starting to find her feet with 9th place. Bo Davie in 2nd place for W17-20A’s course! Well done! W55’s had Anthea Feaver in 2nd place on the 2.6km course with a time of 34 minutes! Theresa Howe in 9th place in W65’s. M12’s had a 7th place with Riley McFarlane on a 3km course in a time of 34 minutes. 14A Joel McMullen had 9th place – what a result! Ian Dalton in 5th place on M40’s. Ken Brownlie achieved 5th place and Mike Howe 9th place in M70’s on the 2.26km course. Womens Junior Hannah Schnell achieved 2nd place, Rhianna Pocsidio in 5th. So good for those who are new to the sport! Well done! Womens open easy saw Sharon McFarlane take 3rd palce on the 3km course in 45 minutes.

Monday 28 September was the Australian Schools Sprint Championships in Mt Helen. Senior girls showed  huge Talent with Jo Anna Maynard taking out first place in the 2.5km course in a time of 11 minutes! Junior girls Michaela Maynard taking out 7th place in a time of 11 minutes for the 2km course. In the Public Run for Hannah, Mens Moderate course, local coach and school teacher Mike Sibbald got 8th place on the 2.2km course in a time of 13 minutes! Not bad for our schools team coach and mentor!

Tuesday 29th Septembers schools Individual championships  Jo Anna Maynard took out first place once again in Senior Girls on a 6km course in a time of 42 minutes. In Junior Girls her sister Michalea Maynard took out 10th place! In the public race WA fared well – Ricky Thackray coming 12th in the Mens Long, Anthea Feaver in 12th place for the Womens long. Malcolm Neil in 5th place in Men’s Medium. Ian fletcher in 12th place soon after, Peter O’loughlin in 13th spot. Correen Maynard in 6th place in Womens D medium, Janet fletcher in 13th spot. Theresa Howe in 16th place. In the men and women’s short/easy we had Kynen Neill in 4th place (from SWOT), Riley McFarlane in 13th spot.

Wednesday 30 September was the Australian Schools relay championships. Our WA teams did amazingly well with our Senior girls coming 5th overall, with fantastic team efforts from Jo Anna Maynard, Rianna Pocsidio and Bo Davie. Orienteering Tasmania’s relay team cheered Bo Davie on to the finish, as Bo Davie not only did well for WA but also put the last nail in the coffin for the Tasmanian team to beat Orienteering Victoria.

Friday 2 October was the Australian Sprint Championships, National Orienteering League Round and World Ranking event. In W12’s Skye McMullen in 5th place on the 1.2km course with a time of 7 minutes, not far behind was Sarah Richards in 8th place in a similar time. Michalea Maynard was in 1st place in W14’s on the 2.2km course with a time of 10 minutes – only beating second place by 1 second! Goodness! Jo Anna Maynard in 8th place in W16’s 2.5km course. W55 had Anthea Feaver in second place on the 2km course, in a time of 11 minutes – 1 minute behind the winner. W60’s had Carol Brownlie in 2nd place in the 1.9km course in a time of 13 minutes, 19 seconds behind the winner. W65 had Jan Candy in 6th place on the 1.9km course. M12’s had Shaun Richards in 6th place on the 1.2km course, Riley McFarlaine in 8th place, Kynen Neill in 9th spot. M14’s Joel McMullen scored 2nd place with a time of 9 minutes on the 2.2km course, only 13 seconds behind first place! In M21 Elites Henry Mc Nulty came 3rd overall on the 3.2km course in a 11 minute time – ponly 47 seconds behind the winner! In M40’s Malcolm Neill came 7th with a time of 22 minutes. M65’s had Tony Simpkins in 2nd place on the 1.9km course with a time of 11 minutes, only 20 seconds behind the winner. Ian Fletcher not far behind in 4th place with a time of 11 minutes. M70’s 4th place was Ken Brownlie  then 6th place was Mike Howe with 11 minutes on the 1.7km course.

Saturday 3 October was the Australian Long distance championships, National Leage round and World ranking event in Creswick. W12A’s 2.9km course had Skye Mc Mullen in 10th place with 30 minutes, and Sarah Richards Shortly after in 11th spot. W14’s had Michaela Maynard in 8th place on the 3.2km course. Andrea Eves in 3rd place on W35’s on the 3.5km course. W55’s 4.7 course saw Anthea Feaver finish in second place, only 2 minutes behind the winner. W60’s 4km course saw Carol Brownlie take out first place in a time of 53 minutes – leading the pace by a whopping 13 minutes over second place!! Jennifer Binns in 8th place. W65’s saw Janet Fletcher in 4th spot on the 3.5km course, Theresa Howe in 6th place, Jan Candy following in 7th place. M12’s 2.9km course had Riley McFarlane in 7th place, Shaun Richards in 8th. M14’s Joel McMullen in 6th place on the 4km course. M21 Elites had Henry Mc Nulty in 7th place on the 15 km course – an amazing time of 1 hour 44 minutes and only 10 minutes behind the winner! M35AS 5th place is Malcolm Neill on the 5km course. Ken Post took out 1st place on M55’s 3.5km course in an amazing time of 51 minutes, beating second place by 5 minutes! M70’s 4km course saw Mike howe in 7th place. W Junior B Rianna Pocsidio in second place, only 28 seconds behind first place,  followed by Hannah Shnell in 5th place. Sharon McFarlane in 5th place on Womens Open easy course.

Sunday 4 October was the Australian Replay Championships Natioanl League events saw M12’s take their place of pride, coming first was the M12’s relay team of Shaun Richards, Riley McFarlane and Kynen Neill – well done guys! W12’s dominating in 1st place was Sarah Richards, Skye McMullen and Ella Rogers. W16’s relay team had a respectable 8th place and great work from Michaela Maynard, Hanah Scnhell and Lily McFarlabne. W55’s relay team had a lovely third spot, Anthea Feaver, Helen Post and Carol Brownlie running strong times. M65’s team coming first – amazing times from all Tony Simpkins, Russel Candy and Ian Fletcher. The second WA team coming in 7th place, Ken Brownlie, Mike Howe and Kevin Williams. W65A saw WA’s team come in 6th spot, Janet Fletcher, Theresea Howe and Jan Candy. M21AS team came 5th Andrew Martin, Ken Post and Peter O’loughlin.

Amazing results all round.

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