Saturday 1st - Monday 3rd July

Dryandra Village, near Narrogin

This year's Winter Classic will be held at Dryandra Woodland on the June Long Weekend. The WA Winter Classic is a standard bush event on two consequtive days. Awards are made for first male and first female on each course, based on cumulative time over the two days.

The weekend will begin with some training on Saturday by our coaches-in-residence, and will include an afternoon tea on Sunday in celebration of OWA's 50th birthday this year. Come down for the weekend - accommodation options are available at Dryandra Village and nearby Narrogin. See all of the weekend's events on Eventor.

Winter classic

The WA Classic is the only event on the OWA calendar this year where your performance over two days counts for the overall result. It is a great opportunity to get out of the city for a two-day event, camp on the Sunday night, enjoy the evening with your orienteering friends and compete again on the Monday morning.

While either day can be entered as a standalone single day event, only those people who enter both days and run the same course each day will be eligible for the WA Classic overall awards. So if you run Hard 2 on Day 1 you will need to run Hard 2 on Day 2 to qualify. There is no requirement to enter any specific course based on age grouping.

The terrain at Dryandra is relatively flat, open eucalypt forest that is mostly pleasant running.

Pre-entry via Eventor is preferred for both Day 1 and Day 2: entries close at midnight on Friday 2nd June. A limited number of maps will be available for EOD (enter on the day); please bring cash for payment, card/eftpos not available.

Courses available: VE, E, M, and H1-H4.
Facilities: Toilets.
Start times: 12:30-14:15 on Sunday, 9:30-11:00 on Monday.
Remember to bring:
•    Water bottle;
•    Sunscreen, insect repellent, hat;
•    Compass and SI stick, or you can borrow either or both at the event;
•    Leg protection is recommended.
Directions to the event are in Eventor.

Day 1: Sunday 2nd June
Distance: 80% of standard bush events;
On the day registration: 12:30 – 14:30;
Starts: From 13:00. Last start 15:00;
Course Closes: 16:30. Please return by 4:30 pm even if you have not completed your course;
Distance to start: There are two starts. The start for the Hard courses is a 1.2km walk along a track with 35m climb. The start for the VE, E and M will be adjacent to the assembly area.
More information is in Eventor (day 1), including the Information Flyer (day 1).

Day 2: Monday 3rd June
Distance: 80% of standard bush events;
On the day registration: 9:00 – 10:30;
Starts: From 9:30. Last start 11:30;
Course Closes: 13:00. Please return by 1pm even if you have not completed your course;
Distance to start: Start for all courses will be adjacent to the assembly area.
More information is in Eventor (day 2), including the Information Flyer (day 2).

There is information about bush events on the OWA web page.

Dogs are not permitted at bush events.

Other events

Saturday training: As it is a long weekend you may like to stay an extra night and participate in our Czech Coach in Residences, Veronika and Jiri's, training on Saturday afternoon at Foxes Lair, which is a relatively flat and open forest in Narrogin. Sign up through a Google sheet, the event is also on Eventor. 

Wildlife: Dryandra Woodland is home to many bird species, woylies, echidnas and numbats, the last of which have been brought back from near extinction. It is known as an important conservation site where nocturnal native wildlife can be seen. Nearby to the village the Barna Mia animal sanctuary runs guided nocturnal tours if you are interested. See DBCA website for more general information about Dryandra Woodland.

OWA 50 celebration: Orienteering WA will be holding some 50th birthday celebrations on the Sunday afternoon following the event including cake. For catering purposes, please add your name to the Cake eaters list if you would like to join in the afternoon tea. There will also be some other fun activities that will remind us of how much things in orienteering have changed and progressed.


There is onsite dormitory accommodation and camp sites available at Dryandra Village which can be booked through Eventor. There are also plenty of accommodation options in Narrogin including motels and a caravan park, and some other options are detailed in the Information Flyer (accommodation).

Photos: (top) Numbat in Dryandra Woodland by DBCA; (middle) Dryandra terrain by Rachel West; (bottom) Winter Classic at Kenine Hill in 2021, by Ellie Sansom & Hadrien Devillepoix.

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Acknowledgement of country

Noongar country logo 2023 150pxNgalak kaaditj nidja Noongar Boodjar. Koora-Yeyi-Kalyakool.

Orienteering WA acknowledges the Noongar people, the Traditional and continuing Custodians of the land on which we gather to enjoy our sport, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.