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Start planning your trip to Western Australia now!

Many Western Australians have enjoyed orienteering holidays interstate and overseas so we hope you will allow us to return your hospitality by visiting us in 2014.

Perth has been said to have one of the most beautiful riverside settings in the world, offering a cosmopolitan range of activities for visitors, while the southwest of the state is a biodiversity hotspot with some spectacular tall forests, beautiful coastal scenery, superb wineries, and lots more.

For tourist information www.westernaustralia.com

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Climate and Weather

Southwestern Australia has a Meditterranean climate which means that for most of the year the weather is fine and sunny, and even during the short mild southern hemisphere winter the sun is often shining.

Spring begins in September and for the most part is sunny and warm. The weather is generally fine and rain is usually minimal or absent.

Average temperatures at the times of the events are daytime maxima 22C and overnight 9C, but wide variations can occur. Of course the weather for spring 2014 will be more predictable nearer that time.

Late September and early October is the peak time for the famous spring wild flowers in this part of Western Australia, although the spectacle spans both months, gradually moving south.

Choosing where to stay

We suggest you first look at the map that shows Event Locations.

All events are within 1½ hours drive from central Perth under normal conditions and Perth offers countless accommodation options, from back packers’ hostels and caravan parks with camping to serviced apartments and five star hotels. Perth Tourist Centre

The eastern outer suburb of Midland is about ½ hour closer to the forest events while the nearby Swan Valley is popular, particularly in spring. Swan Valley Accommodation

Bindoon, in the Shire of Chittering  is close to the first event on Saturday 27 September, and just over an hour from the next day's one. Chittering Accommodation

Toodyay, in the Avon Valley is just over an hour from the first event, about 1/2 hour from the event on Sunday 28th, and about 1 hour from the later bush events. Toodyay Accommodation

The larger town of Northam is less than an hour from the event on Sunday 28th and about 1/2 hour from events  on Wednesday 1st and onwards.  Northam Accommodation

Budget Camping at Northam.

Budget camping will be available on the oval at Northam Recreation Centre thoughout the Carnival, from 1pm Thursday 25 September to 5pm Sunday 5 October at $10 per night, per tent, campervan, or caravan, regardless of the number of occupants.

Use of the basic facilities at the adjacent football club pavilion is included. It contains toilets and separate change rooms with showers. BYO everything eg. disposables, soap & toilet paper.

Bookings will be required and are now available through Eventor.

The Recreation Centre is a few hundred metres from the main shopping street and McDonalds is just across the road.

Security note.  The oval is exposed to public view.  Neither Recreation Center staff nor OAWA will be responsible for any loss or damage to private property and advise that when the camp site is unoccupied that the pavilion will need to be locked and all personal items should be taken away with you.


More Camping and Accommodation nearer events.

Muresk Institute is closest to mid week and second weekend events.

For details see here



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