Terrain Preview

Below are some examples of portions of maps to be used in the Karnival, namely:

Warranine Brook, Lovers Ridge, Spice Brook and Peterdine.

Lovers Lane 10000.pdf, Spice Brook 15000.pdf, Peterdine 15000.pdf and Curtin University 4000.pdf.

PDF's of maps of areas used previously are available through the above links. (1-2MB each)


 Warranine Brook sample cropped

Lovers Ridge sample Aust Middle Distance-20131229

Spice Brook sample WA Long-20131229

Peterdine sample Schools events-20131229


Below are sample pictures of the terrain you might encounter.


IMG 0664 465x350 IMG 0675 465x350
 P1010601-MR-20131218  P1010603-MR-20131229
 P1020030-20140105  P1020009-20140105
 PC290048-20140105  PC290049-20140105
 IMG 20121216 2066-20140103-115210  IMG 0678-20140103-115202





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