Opportunities for coaching and training are available for orienteers of all ages and abilities. We'll advise dates, locations and training session over the year in Enews and on the website

Regular training in 2020

During the year OWA provides area based programs to make training accessible on a regular basis to all our members, from juniors to veterans. You don’t have to be aspiring to make a state team to enjoy getting fitter, improving navigation skills, and the camaraderie of a group with common goals.

Current Winter 2020 Training Schedule

Althought there is no National Schools Championship this year, Rachel is working hard training juniors at the weekends.  Emails are sent out weekly with details of training.  They are also looking forward to Junior Camp at the beginning of the July holidays.

In due course, a winter training program may get underway now the COVID-19 situation has settled down.  We hope that this give all our members who want to get fit and get a bit of coaching the opportunity to do so and this location is central enough for most to attend. Activities are intended to suit all ages ranging from school age through to senior ranks. It is not intended to be competitive in any way but to give you the opportunity to get fitter while enjoying being part of a group of orienteers.

Other activities will be advertised in our Weekly Enews. So make sure you are signed up to receive it.

Orienteers wanting to improve their fitness are welcome to join the group that runs regularly on Tuesday afternoons at 5.30pm. The meeting point is the rotunda on Hale Oval in Kings Park and people of similar ability usually run together.

Individual Coaching

OWA has qualified coaches who are happy to help members with programs specifically tailored to needs, whether you are a new member who wants to learn basic navigational skills or an experienced orienteer wanting to peak for a specific event or carnival. To take advantage of this opportunity contact your club convenor to be put in touch with an appropriate coach.

Activities for Specific Groups

Throughout the year training and coaching activities are arranged for specific groups, eg elite orienteers, junior orienteers, women including the popular Junior camp held mid-year.

Need Additional Information?
If you want additional information about any of the activities mentioned above, or have any questions about coaching and or training, please contact the OWA Coaching Convenor.

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