Kambarang Karnival 2023

The Noongar people, traditional owners of the lands in south-western WA, divided the year into six seasons. The Kambarang season, from Oct-Nov, is where we see an abundance of colours and flowers exploding all around us. The weather is warming, the flowers are spectacular, and it’s a fantastic time to visit WA!

The Kambarang Orienteering Karnival embraces this spirit.

Over 8 days you’ll be rewarded with high quality orienteering, including a beautiful new middle distance map in farmland granite (granite without tears!), new sprint maps and fully updated bush maps showcasing the best WA has to offer. Plus WA’s famous wildflowers and much more….

The program:Event location map 2023 events

Event 1: Sat 30 Sept AUS Champs Middle Distance
A totally updated and improved map in classic, beautiful farmland granite. Complex but fast and definitely no tears!

Event 2: Sun 1 Oct AUS Champs Relay
A farm and bush map in complex granite, fast and furious!

Event 3: Tue 3 Oct Schools Sprint and Enter on the Day event
Fun and fascinating in historic Fremantle.

Event 4: Wed 4 Oct Schools Long and Enter on the Day
More farmland granite to enjoy NE of Perth.

Event 5: Thu 5 Oct School Relay and Enter on the Day
And even more open farmland granite to enjoy.

Event 6: Sat 7 Oct AUS Champs Long distance
A mix of granite, gullies and spurs in runnable forest. First used for the Australian Champs in 1988, this fabulous area has been begging for a return to the national competition arena.

Event 7: Sun 8 Oct AUS Champs Sprint
Comprising two adjacent private schools in Perth, this totally new map is complex and challenging – a great way to finish the Kambarang Karnival.

And whilst you’re here, check out the amazing tourist opportunities in Spring in Western Australia.

More information to come….

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