NavDash Sprint Orienteering

NavDash events, OWA's Sprint Orienteering Series are short distance (2-3.5kms), usually held in a small, compact  area with complex features, such as the buildings and passages of a university campus.  While the navigation skills required are relatively easy – even for novices – at a slow jog or walking pace, the more serious competitors try to run their course at high speed. This makes the navigation much more demanding and it is easy to make small mistakes of a few seconds, which makes all the difference in these fast events!

Registration and Event starts times:

All Sunday NavDash events are held at the following times.

Registration: 9am -10.30am
Starts: from 9.30am until 11pm

Pre-entry is not required. NavDash Event Fees are listed at Event Fees.
For the State Sprint Orienteering Championships start times and fees will vary, with pre-entry available via online entry, once course details are confirmed.

New to NavDash and want to know more about what to expect on the day?
Read our guide on What happens at a NavDash event and everyone should be clear before the event on How the start works at a NavDash. Check out the Sprint orienteering tips and a Sample sprint map to get ready for NavDash. Make sure to check the legend on your map at each event for features on a NavDash map which should not be crossed or entered - this document shows the usual ones.

Upcoming Events:

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