November 2020 - February 2021

The MetrO Series is held in and around metropolitan parks and reserves throughout the suburbs of Perth. Events are held between November and February, when it is too hot for events in the bush.

These family and runner-friendly events are easily achievable by anyone who can read a street map. (Compasses are not needed for these events.)

MetrO series events are pram-friendly should you have little ones and don't want them on your back or in a baby sling.

The long-running MetrO Series attracts many regular participants, both members and non-members. Various courses are available, ranging from 3-8 km in length.

All results are entered in a competition and the winners in various classes are determined by points accumulated for the runner's best performances over the season. Of course, there is no need to be competitive - it's fine to just walk around and have a go, or even see how many controls you can reach in the given time. 

Events are held on Saturday afternoons
This season all events will be held on Saturday afternoon from 5 pm (for scatter events). Make sure to register from 4:15 pm to be ready to go!

Scatter Events
For the 2020-21 season every event will be using the scatter format. At these events we will be using electronic controls and SI timing so remember to bring your SI card if you have your own. There will be hire SI cards available for those who need them. All events will have a mass start at 5pm. We will have a finish briefing an hour after the start which will include announcing the male and female winners of each course.

The Season
The season consists of 12 events commencing on November 7, 2020 and will run to the end of February, with a small break over Christmas and on the Australia Day long weekend. The series is a great way to keep up your training over summer, enjoy catching up with friends, and will take you to see different places in Perth. A lot of our venues are in scenic locations that would be great for a post-run picnic or BBQ dinner should this appeal to you.

Want to get ready for an event and learn more?

For more information, go to our Metro Series Tips page; this details what happens at an event and a sample competition map.  Or why not check the OWA Facebook Page where there are many photos and maps from the 2019-20 Series. Simply browse the event photo albums.

How to earn points in the MetrO Series
Check the Metro Series 2020-21 Rules to see which course works best for you to earn points for the series awards.

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