Event Calendar

The 2020-21 MetrO series starts on Satruday 7 November.

As with the winter season, there is no official printed version of the MetrO flyer this year. 
However, we have created a suitable schedule for you to print off:
   OWA 2020-21 MetrO Series
It will also be in O Xpress coming soon.

You can also search for events across Australia on Eventor, or just WA (map view)
Eventor also allows you to search events and export an iCalendar File for your digital diary.

Pre-entry is now the preferred option for all events. 
Entries will open 2 weeks before the event and the closing deadline for registration (through Eventor) will be the Thursday before the event. 
While there are no COVID-19 restrictions for us, it will be possible to turn up on the day and enter then.  However, if you can get into the habit on entering in advance, it makes things far more convenient for us and you.

The events listed below are linked through to the Eventor entry system, so click on the link for the event you plan to attend and follow the instructions to register your entry.

If you're not an OWA member, we'd love to see you at our events.  We are happy to provide newcomers' briefings at the moment.
You will still need to register and enter in Eventor (when registering please register with the club "Casuals WA").

We hope to see you very soon.

In the meantime, if you haven't tried orienteering yet or you want to show your friends what it's all about, check out this video created by ONSW.

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