CreekNarrogincaptionFriday 26th April 2019

Welcome to Narrogin event and Sprint Warm-up

This is partly a social event, and partly a chance to run/walk/warm up on a map drawn to ISSOM specifications by the Sprint Championships mapper. There will be a short Welcome Ceremony, with orienteers welcomed by the Narrogin Shire President and our Sponsor, Tourism WA. The occasion may also be used for Orienteering Australia awards.

Following the ceremony, orienteers and locals will be able to collect a map and do a Score course around the Park.
N.B. This is not a true model event, as lockable Street-O type markers will be used, however the mapping is relevant to the Sprint Championships.

Location: Gnarojin Park, Gordon St, Narrogin
(2hrs 30mins SE of Perth, 5 mins walk from Narrogin Town Centre, 10 mins walk from Sprint Champs parking area).

The Park is linear in shape, about 1km long and up to 150m wide. It includes a major creek with several bridges, many paths, open areas, and some native bush. There are also a number of interesting sites created by the local Noongar Aboriginal group, depicting traditional culture.
Start time:
9am: Welcome Ceremony (approx. 30 minutes)
9:30am onwards Orienteering course

Controls will not be collected until the afternoon, allowing the course to be used to warm up for the Sprint Championships, for which the Arena is just a 1km jog or 2 minute drive away.

Enter on the Day – collect a map from the Information Desk at the Welcome Ceremony.
There will be a small charge to cover the cost of map printing.

Event Notes:
Please support the Welcome Ceremony and show the locals your appreciation for their support for the Narrogin events! Afterwards there will be plenty of time to enjoy a stroll or jog around this course before heading to the Australian Sprint Championships – time enough even for a coffee and leisurely lunch at one of Narrogin’s excellent cafes.

Learn more about Narrogin. Listen to the "spot on the map" interview from ABC Overnights with Rod Quinn.

Key Personnel:
Setters: Tony Simpkins and Bryce Crage

Map Details:
Gnarojin Park
Mapper: Tony Simpkins, 2018
Scale: 1:4000

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