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Open Sprint Relay including Family Team Relay

This is a National Orienteering League (NOL) event for State Representatives in Elite classes.

Date: Friday 19th April 2019

Location: PerthUniversity of Western Australia Crawley Campus

Summary: Sprint relay fun for everyone on the UWA Campus, which has a mix of heritage and modern buildings, undercrofts, gardens, roads and paths. This will be a spectator friendly event.

Event Notes:
NOL Elite Sprint Relay
Start Time: 10:30am Mass Start
State NOL teams of 2 women and 2 men. Running order of Woman, Man, Man, Woman.
There will be two entry classes available Senior Elite 21E and Junior Elite 20E
Both Junior and Senior Elite teams will start at the same time. Juniors may join senior teams.
Leg times will be 12-15 minutes for a total team winning time of approx. 55 minutes.

Eventor for NOL Elite Sprint Relay

Open Sprint Relay including Family Teams Relay
Start Time: 12:00 noon Mass Start
This event will follow the conclusion of the Elite Relay.
(if there are significant number of entries there will be a wave start)

A Family relay (3 person) and an Open (3 person) relay will be held on the same map. There will be two hard navigation legs and one moderate navigation leg in the Family Relay and Open Relay events.

“For a team in the Family Teams event to be official, one member of the team must be directly related to each of the other two team members in one of the following categories:
spouse or de facto spouse, parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, in laws (parent, brother, sister), adopted child, nephew, niece.”

As per OA Foot Orienteering Rules 2018 runners that have previously run in the Elite Relay may enter as part of a Family Team in the Family Relay and have a second run. These runner must complete the second course.

There will be a "first past the post" winning family team. Additionally, a handicap system will be designed based on both age and gender. Shadowing of 12 and under children will be permitted, but shadowed runners will not be eligible for family teams. Ad Hoc teams will be made up by the organisers for the Open Relay as needed. There will be no handicap in the Open Relay.

Eventor for Open Relay inc. Family Team Event

2 Courses will be offered

Key Personnel:
Setter: Paul Dowling & Ceri Pass
Controller: Graham Braid

Map Details: 
Map Details:
UWA Campus Crawley
Updated map: Paul Dowling 2018

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