Australian 3 Day Championships


Date: Saturday 20th April - Monday 22nd April 2019

Each day is a National Orienteering League (NOL) event for State Representatives in Elite classes.

Day 1 Saturday 20th April 2019 Sprint Distance
Location: Scotch College Campus, Perth Metro (west)
extensive grounds and complex buildings

Day 2 Sunday 21st April 2019 Long Distance
Location: Hill Park Dale, near Beverley (1hr 15mins SE Perth)
high quality farmland area with complex contour features,
remnant vegetation, cleared paddocks and extensive rock detail

Day 3 Monday 22nd April 2019 Middle Distance
Location: Umuna, near Beverley (1hr 15mins SE Perth)
excellent farmland area with detailed contour features,
scattered vegetation and extensive rock detail

Start times: 10am each day

Event Notes:
All courses set to Australian course setting guidelines and rules, for each discipline Sprint, Long and Middle Distance.

The Day 1 Race will be a Sprint race for all orienteers
The Day 2 Race will be a Long Distance race for all orienteers
The Day 3 Race will be a Middle Distance race for all orienteers

Start times will be announced after entries close

Championship Classes: Please check the event listing in Eventor for all available classes

Winners of all age groups will be determined by their cumulative times over the three days events.
An Award ceremony will be held at Umuna at the conclusion of the Day 3 race.

2 Courses will be offered

Key Personnel:
Level 3 Controller: Richard Matthews
Day 1 Setter: Anthea Feaver
Day 1 Controller: Phil Taylor
Day 2 Setters: Peter Komyshan
Day 2 Controller: Craig Dufty
Day 3 Setter: Dan Greig
Day 3 Controller: Brian Austin

Day 1

Scotch College
Mapped by Ricky Thackray, 2018
Scale: 1:4000
Day 2
Hill Park Dale
Mapped Alex Tarr
Scale: 1:10,000
Day 3
Mapped Alex Tarr
Scale: 1:10,000

OWA Sponsors

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