Junior Camp 2020

We have organised an orienteering camp with accommodation at Swan Valley Adventure Centre, Middle Swan, and activities on site and nearby ‘O’ maps for two days and two nights at the start of the July School holidays. These will be led by our coaches: Rachel West and Craig Dufty

  • We are looking for young people who enjoy orienteering, want to learn more about it and have a fun time with other young people.
  • The camp will start at 10.30am Saturday 4th July 2020 at Swan Valley AC. Parents are to bring their child to this location. If this is not possible please indicate this on the registration form and we will try to find alternative transport.
  • Activities will include participation in the Jorgensen Park event in Kalamunda on Sunday 5th (see OWA event page for further details). Participants will be transported to and from the event by bus. Parents are encouraged to join us on the day.
  • The camp will finish at 10.30am, Monday 6th July at Swan Valley AC. Parents are asked to pick up their children from this site. Again, if this is impossible please indicate this on the registration form.
  • The camp is subsidised by OWA so will only cost $150 per junior orienteer. This includes accommodation, meals and activities.
  • The camp is open to anyone aged from 10 to 17 years who has participated in at least one bush event or Navdash event in addition to any school events and is an OWA full member. If you are only a casual member and want to come you will need to pay for junior membership fee ($30/$20 if you live in the SWOT region) in addition to camp fees. This will of course mean that entry fees for events will then be at the member rather than casual rate.
  • Note: Other activities will be available in addition to orienteering.  However, these will not include any of the water-based activities.

What YOU must do: 

  1. Check with your parents that you will be able to come and that your transport to and from the Camp is arranged. If you are having trouble with transport, indicate this on the Registration form and contact Rob West, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0429 185 208 by 18 June (extended from 15 June)
  2. Complete the Registration Form and mail to:
    OWA Juniors’ Camp
    Attention: Rob West
    PO Box 279 Glen Forrest WA 6071
  3. Complete your entry and pay the fees through Eventor:

Campsite Location:  Swan Valley Adventure Centre, 58 Yule Ave, Middle Swan, WA 6056
Phone number: 9374 5600

For further information about the camp site see:

Packing List
☐   Plastic drink bottle
☐   Orienteering clothes (old shoes, long pants, shirt)
☐   2 pairs of shoes (One old pair that may become wet)
☐   Hat, Rainjacket and jumper
☐   Socks and Jocks
☐   Torch with a set of spare batteries
☐   Personal First Aid Kit
☐   Whistle; clear plastic bag suitable for A-4 map
☐   Plastic bag/s for dirty clothing
☐   Insect repellent
☐   O-Kit (compass, highlighters, pencils, coloured pencils)
☐   Draughts, Cards, Scrabble, Chess (Please don't bring personal music players as they are unsociable, damageable and lose-able and you won't have time to listen to them)
☐   Personal toiletries (Soap, comb, face washer, toothbrush, Sunscreen) and old bath towel
☐   Medication (if applicable) - labelled and with clear instructions concerning use
☐   Note: All bedding is provided!
☐   We are not responsible for mobile phones brought to camp.  We ask that they are kept on "SILENT" during all activities and after "LIGHTS OUT"

To download a copy of this info, print the flyer here.

OWA Sponsors

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