SWOT Results

We try to get local event results up as soon as practical after an event.
These are also sent to the West Australian, Bunbury Mail and South West Times.


DateEvent NameEvent TypeResultsSplitsTBT
20-Oct-18SWOT Grace ScoreFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
02-Sep-18SWOT EvedonFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
05-Aug-18SWOT MorningtonFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
17-Jun-18SWOT ShearwaterFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
20-May-18SWOT MaidensFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
25-Mar-18SWOT FootO Evedon RidgeFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
24-Mar-18NavDash 2 SWOT Bunbury SHSFoot orienteeringresultssplitstbt
18-Mar-18SWOT Summer Series 5 - Bunbury SouthPark and street orienteeringresultssplitstbt
11-Mar-18SWOT Summer Series 4 - EatonPark and street orienteeringresultssplitstbt
25-Feb-18SWOT Summer Series 3 - Dalyellup SEPark and street orienteeringresultssplitstbt
18-Feb-18SWOT Summer Series 2 - MarlstonPark and street orienteeringresultssplitstbt
11-Feb-18SWOT Summer Series 1 - Dalyellup SWFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering

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