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Herdsman Lake is a beautiful wetland area located just a short distance from Perth CBD. The map is of the south end of the lake at the corner of Flynn and Selby Streets, Wembley, where the Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre is located.

Parking for those wishing to use the orienteering course is available at the Discovery Centre during its opening hours. Visit https://www.wagouldleague.com.au for information about facilities and the range of family-friendly wildlife-based activities they offer.

There is only one course available at Herdsman Lake – a scatter course with 12 controls, shown as numbered circles on the map. You can decide to locate all controls or just a few – your choice. You can visit them in any order.

Control descriptions and quiz questions are included on the map. When you reach a control site, look at the question that corresponds to that control number, and write your answer in the space provided in the numbered box on the map.

The start, shown by a triangle on the map, and finish, shown by superimposed double circles are immediately south of the Discovery Centre.

Answers to Control questions, to check whether the course was completed correctly, are also contained in the Anytime Orienteering South Herdsman Guide (PDF).

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Orienteering WA acknowledges the Noongar people, the Traditional and continuing Custodians of the land on which we gather to enjoy our sport, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.