Money Matters


The bank account details are:

BSB: 306-057
Account Number: 4180556

All money gets paid into this account, whatever it is for.
Please add a useful narrative- which includes a name (just surname is fine);  eg
•    Ppd card [NAME]
•    OShop [NAME]
•    J Camp [NAME]

Other communications

If you send an email to Tony or Helen about bank deposits for OShop items or prepaid cards, then CC us too.
If you’re paying some money in for something out of the ordinary, then drop us an email to explain what it’s for.

Event Returns

For those organising events, please ensure that we get an Event Return Form, making sure all applicable details are completed re map printing, toilets, McTeam hours etc as well as details of what’s been banked.


Claim forms for expenses or reimbursement for travel are available on the website.
Please complete the forms with correct bank details and send to us – Eddie and Emma at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Send the email with subject “Expense Claim”, then we can keep track of all claims more easily.
If you’re expecting money and you don’t receive it, please send us a reminder. 
There are lots of emails that come through and we try not to overlook anything but it does happen.

All up-to-date forms can be found here:

Event Return Form

Expenses Claim Form

Claim for Payment of Hours

Under the COVID-19 pandemic measures, we also have a form for claiming refund of Prepaid card that cannot be used at present

Prepaid Card Refund

Contacting us

Please try and make your emails obvious from the subject title.  Changing subject titles may well draw our attention to the purpose of the email and make it much easier for us to action – otherwise it can all get lost in “conversation” mode.

If you are not sure about anything, drop us a line and one of us will get back to you as soon as we can.  
I’m at most events, so you can always see me in person or leave things at the caravan; alternatively ask another council member nicely to pass anything on to me.


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