OWA Policies

These policy documents outline the way Orienteering WA works with its sponsors, members, participants, volunteers and other stakeholders to maintain a safe, active and vibrant orienteering community.

Orienteering Australia Code of Conduct

OWA Child Protection Policy (2018)

OWA Communications Policy (2017)

OWA Concussion Policy (2020)

OWA Environment Policy (2005)

OWA Extreme Weather Events Policy (2012)

OWA Funded Roles Policy and Guidelines (2018)

OWA Health Policy (2020)

OWA Member Protection Issue Resolution (2005)

OWA Policy Identification Procedure (2006)

OWA Policy re Event Officials' Other Expenses (2016)

OWA Policy re Travel Expenses for Officials (2015)

OWA Privacy Statement (2021)

OWA Risk Management Policy (2019)

OWA Risk Register (2020)

OWA Risk Statement (2021)

OWA Schools Team Selection Policy (2020)

OWA Western Nomads Policy (2018)

Sports Medicine Australia Supplementary Hot Weather Guidelines

OWA Sponsors

Australian Sports Commission
Department of Local Government,Sport and Cultural Industries