Orienteering WA Membership

Because we ask everyone to be a member when taking part in our events we’ve made it easy to select a way to be involved in Orienteering that suits you. There are two types of membership available. Full Membership, for those who attend events regularly and Casual Membership for occasional orienteers.

Membership Fees: Individuals and families can purchase annual membership of OWA. Membership is for the calendar year and starts as soon as you sign up.
If you join in November or December you are automatically a member from then until the end of the next year.

2020 current membership fees

Full Membership
This suits frequent participants or those who would like to be more involved.

Benefits include:

  • reduced event entry fees, up to half price
  • further discounts via pre-paid event fee cards (contact Helen Post)
  • discounts on Orienteering essentials via OWA's O-Shop
  • you can request your full colour printed copy of the OWA newsletter, O Xpress
  • copy of the national magazine, The Australian Orienteer, 4 times a year *
  • annual weekend training camp for Junior members**
  • 15% off purchases at The Running Centre our partner running store.***
  • membership of a local club with its social activities
  • access to a club coach
  • free training events

* The Australian Orienteer is the magazine of the National body Orienteering Australia. It is published digitally and available online.
Printed copies of The Australian Orienteer are available on request to members (one per household) who have a OWA membership level of $60 or more.

 Prefer a printed copy?
Lodge your request online to confirm your print subscription for 2020 for both the Australian Orienteer National Magazine and the O Xpress WA State Newsletter.

**  Juniors must be full members to attend this subsidised camp.
*** Excludes Garmin products

 Casual membership
If you're a newcomer to orienteering or only participate occasionally, this may be a better option for you.  There is no fee for casual membership but you can receive the weekly OWA Enews.   However, you will not be entitled to attend free training events and entry fees for each event are higher.

At events you will get instruction on how to orienteer, up to 5 maps (for groups), and use of an electronic SI Stick and compass. You can join as a Casual Member just by filling in a simple card at the first event you take part in each year. In return you will be given a Casual Membership card which you should bring to each event. Casual members pay regular rates for event entry, rather than discounted full member rates.

You can convert from Casual to Full membership at any time!

How to join

Becoming a Full Member through the Eventor System

Step 1: Choose the club that you wish to join, generally based on where you live. To be a full member of Orienteering Western Australia you need to be member of both the Association and a club. Read about the clubs to choose the best one for you.

Step 2: Before you join as a member you’ll need to be registered in the Eventor system and have a personal account/login before you can apply for membership. If you do not yet have an account/login in Eventor, start by visiting the Eventor website and creating your account.

Step 3: When you have an account/login and are logged into Eventor, you can apply for your membership and process your payment via your credit card or PayPal account. This payment processing occurs independently from Eventor. See the Eventor Membership Quick Guide for more details.

For renewing members – you should already have an account/login in Eventor. So all you need to do is log in to Eventor and renew your membership for 2020. Check this Eventor Membership Quick Guide if you need assistance in Eventor.

For new members - You will need a profile in Eventor. Check our comprehensive guide on Eventor Instructions for New Members.

Casual memberships are not currently held or processed in the Eventor system. However, if you are a casual member you can still establish a profile/login in Eventor and use it to enter any pre-entry events during the year.

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