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The O-Shop can provide all the gear you need for your sport including compasses, Sportident Cards, shoes, gaiters, and accessories. Check out the range below.

We also supply equipment to schools including flags, punches and compass sets.

Sue Greig makes well-fitted, quality orienteering suits, tops and pants in a variety of styles, materials and colours.

Full members of Orienteering Western Australia receive a 15% discount on all purchases from the O-Shop.

The O-Shop is operated by Tony Simpkins and Sue Greig.  We are volunteers and profits from O-Shop sales go into Orienteering Western Australia’s  Junior Travel Fund, which helps junior teams and individuals travel to events such as the Australian Schools Championships and Junior World Orienteering Championships.

The O-Shop will be available at almost all Orienteering Western Australia events. Only samples of our stock will normally be available – if you are interested in a particular item (see inventory below), phone or email Tony during the week and he will bring it to the next event - ph: 0400 999 003, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are looking for clothing, phone or email Sue to make a fitting appointment - ph: 9448 0840, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We stock the best compasses for orienteering, from Silva (Sweden) and Moscompass (Russia).  The quality of Silva compasses is well-established and they are used by many World Champions.  Moscompass offer very stable needles and are competitively priced.

Silva competition models include the top of the range Race Jet Spectra thumb compass and Silva Raceplate Zoom compass models.

CLEARANCE SPECIAL! Right hand Silva Jet Spectra (old model), limited stock available at the special price of $50.00 (out of warranty).

For beginners, the Silva Ranger 3 is a great option, and for schools a set of 28 Ranger 3 compasses includes a sturdy case.

Moscompass have both thumb and baseplate models available for Australia.

Sportident (SI) Cards:

The majority of orienteering events, and many adventure races in WA use the Sportident electronic punching and timing system, and most regular orienteers have their own SI card (timing chip).  The SI9 card is fast (115ms data exchange) can hold 50 records and is available in a variety of colours, while for those who want the latest and greatest the transparent, flashing SI11 card with the chrome tip is twice as fast (60ms) and holds 130 punches.

Orienteering shoes:

While running shoes (joggers) are adequate for orienteering, there are disadvantages in wearing them in natural bushland. As they are usually well-cushioned and have thicker heels and soles, they can easily lead to ankle injuries over uneven surfaces.  They do not have good grip on the gravel tracks or wet rocks found on orienteering courses, and both the soles and soft uppers tend to wear quickly in rough terrain.

Orienteering shoes are generally only worn infrequently, and mostly on softer surfaces, and do not need the supportive midsoles and heels required for road running.  The resulting lower profile is more stable on uneven surfaces, and they usually come with a more aggressive, studded sole, or even with short metal sprigs offering increased grip.  There are some extremely lightweight off-road shoes around these days, although slightly heavier models will wear more slowly.

There are many brands of off-road and orienteering shoes on the market, but the O-Shop recommends and sells Inov-8 off-road shoes from Britain.  


Gaiters protect your lower leg from shrubs, low branches, fallen timber, and rocks, and can also help prevent seeds and twigs lodging in your shoes.


Accessories available include whistles, control description holders, map magnifiers and magnifying spectacles, rain shields, etc..

Equipment for Schools:

Please contact us for information.

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