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Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you is your favourite summertime activity! Yes that’s right, wandering through the suburbs of Perth looking for your favourite orange and white squares! This year’s programme offers a wide variety of neighbourhoods to explore with a good mix of events in the north, south and central Perth suburbs.

This season consists of 12 events which will run from the first weekend of November until mid-February with Christmas and Australia day breaks. This year’s series will be scatter events beginning with a mass start at 5 pm on Saturday afternoons. Three courses will be on offer at each event: Short, Medium and Long ranging in distance from 3-8 km.

All events will be using SI TIMING so bring your SI card if you have one, or pick up your hired card when you arrive.  With the success and convenience of pre-registration during the Bush season, we will continue to encourage pre-entry to the MetrO Series events, though if you forget you will still be able enter when you arrive.

First up: Thornlie MetrO 1

Location: Thornlie Community Centre, 14 Glenbrook Rd, Thornlie

When: Saturday, 7th November, 2020

Pre-registration is encouraged and will open soon. For EOD, registration is from 4:15 pm, with a mass start is at 5 pm and course closure at 6:15 pm.

Check out the current list of MetrO events and other series information right here >>

More to come...

Try Orienteering

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What is orienteering?

Orienteering is a sport for all ages and abilities. Children, adults, families and groups can enjoy some exercise and a fun outdoor challenge, while at the top end of the field elite athletes can race against tough competition up to an international level.

Some may walk, others may run.  There are no fixed rules on how to get round the course - just aim to find the controls in order for your course.  

A compass may be of assistance but orienteering is about reading the map and connecting it to the terrain around you.

Try Anytime Orienteering


What is Anytime Orienteering? 

Anytime orienteering provides free maps of urban and bushland areas in WA that allow you to enjoy an orienteering course and try out your map-reading and navigation skills at a time that is convenient to you.

Review the current maps and areas - Anytime Orienteering

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