Event Report: NavDash 1 Scotch College

Sunday 2nd August 2020

 Scotch NavDash

It was a chilly start to the day on Sunday but at least not far to go for most for the first NavDash event on the restarted Sprint Series at Scotch College in Swanbourne. 

Our COVID protocols seem to be working well with a fine example of social distancing at the start.

More than 80 people were challenged by the twists and turns of the school campus, a two-sided map and then ending with an open run across the Scotch playing field to reach the finish. 

Hard courses were designed to offer as much route choice as possible and the goal was seemingly achieved with all sorts of routes being taken.  There was a bit of criss-cross and runners needed to keep in contact with the map as it did not allow for much pre-planning of legs. 

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