MetrO Series Event 7 Maylands

clarksonreservemaylandsfeatureSaturday December 14, 2019

The Maylands Metro Series event starts from Clarkson Reserve which is lovely shady, grassy park with beautiful views of the Swan River. The area would make an ideal spot for a post event picnic dinner, and the grassy spaces would cater well to picnic style games. In addition to this there is a small nature based playground near to the assembly area along with tennis hitting wall.

The current weather forecast is for a hot day, amongst many this week, so make sure you hydrate well prior to the event and consider carrying water on you for the run.

All events in the series will be using SI TIMING so bring your SI card if you have one. Don't worry if you don't have your own as you will be given one at registration to use for the event. Registration is from 4:15pm, Newcomer briefing at 4:45pm and the Mass start is at 5pm.

Event Report: Bassendean MetrO Series Event 6

Saturday 7th December 2019


MetrO Series no. 6 for 2019/20 was held at Bassendean, with a pleasant cool change after a very hot week, and even a couple of showers earlier in the afternoon. The course included a new area to the North, with compulsory crossing points for Guildford Road and the Midland Rail line, and took in Success Hill Reserve and parts of historic Bassendean town centre.

Ken Brownlie won the Short course from Amy Dufty, albeit with a sub-optimal route, while Nick Dale just pipped Liam Dufty in a sprint finish for the Medium course, with Nick’s route being one of the two shortest possible. Monika Swierk was the fastest woman on Medium.

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