Thornlie MetrO 1

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Saturday 7th November

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Come join us Saturday, 7th November for our first MetrO event of the series!

The first event of the Metro season is in Thornlie on the banks of the gently flowing Canning River in all its leafy goodness. You can explore the river, pat the ducks, feed the fishes or go exploring the streets looking for controls if you'd rather do that instead.

The map is almost dead flat unless you decide to roll off an embankment into the river, but that can be easily avoided. In fact, the only real hill of any note is in the far northwest and only long course participants might go out there, so never fear.

This venue is dog friendly so bring along your favourite friend or even another human if you're that way inclined. We've also installed play equipment near the start area so remember to bring the kids.

Note: there is potentially a lot of off road (rough grass, no grass seeds I promise!) depending on route choice so a 4WD buggy would work best.

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Some may walk, others may run.  There are no fixed rules on how to get round the course - just aim to find the controls in order for your course.  

A compass may be of assistance but orienteering is about reading the map and connecting it to the terrain around you.

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