Next event: Spice Brook - standard bush event


The standard bush event at Spice Brook is worth the drive through the beautiful lush countryside this weekend. You’ll be met with a variety of courses to choose from. Ranging from very easy through to several hard course options, we have something for everyone. Novice or expert, it’s all there at Spice Brook.

For your information, the terrain is Gulley-Spur, both well defined. The map is a mixture of open-running forest with more densely vegetated areas along the major Water course which runs diagonally through the map. The two easier courses are confined to adjacent farmland to the West of the map.

Registration Times: 9:00 – 11:00am
Start Times: 9:30 – 11:30am
Courses Close: 1:00pm

Don’t forget you pay per event, so if you complete a course and enjoy it, why not do another, and then maybe another. Great value for money!

New to orienteering? We warmly welcome families and newcomers to orienteering - instruction is available so come along!

For event fees, directions and other information click here.


Henry McNulty wins the Ultra Long!


Congratulations to Henry McNulty for his fantastic effort at the Ultra Long inVictoria on Sunday the 30th August.

The Ultra-Long event (held in Ballarat), is a well known mining area with complicated terrain. It was a test of navigation, as well as distance for the legs! The Junior Elites ran a 15 km course through this difficult terrain, toughing it out in the cold and wind.

Henry ran his course in an amazing 1 hour and  44 minutes, beating second place by 3 mins 44 seconds. An amazing effort! In addition to the glory of the win; Henry's minutes per kilometer time was an astounding 6:56 mins. As a result Henry McNulty also won the main elite prize donated by Eureka Orienteers - a return flight to Europe in 2015/16, plus entry to a European Orienteering event of his choice. The total value of this prize is $2,500! It was awarded according to a handicapped adjustment of elite class km rates, based on Scandinavian ultra-long kilometer rates.

This just goes to show what talent we have in WA and we wish Henry all the best. A just reward for his very hard work.

Way to go Henry!

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