Next event: Spice Brook - standard bush event


The standard bush event at Spice Brook is worth the drive through the beautiful lush countryside this weekend. You’ll be met with a variety of courses to choose from. Ranging from very easy through to several hard course options, we have something for everyone. Novice or expert, it’s all there at Spice Brook.

For your information, the terrain is Gulley-Spur, both well defined. The map is a mixture of open-running forest with more densely vegetated areas along the major Water course which runs diagonally through the map. The two easier courses are confined to adjacent farmland to the West of the map.

Registration Times: 9:00 – 11:00am
Start Times: 9:30 – 11:30am
Courses Close: 1:00pm

Don’t forget you pay per event, so if you complete a course and enjoy it, why not do another, and then maybe another. Great value for money!

New to orienteering? We warmly welcome families and newcomers to orienteering - instruction is available so come along!

For event fees, directions and other information click here.


A Fun Family Sport


Have you got a sense of adventure? Kids who love to be outside in the fresh air and learn new skills? Who want to make new friends? Then orienteering is for you! Orienteering is a sport that the family can enjoy together, progress at your own pace and feel a sense of achievement. It is suitable for all ages and abilities. Courses are varied and take place in local green spaces, National Parks as well as other scenic venues, across WA.

Orienteering is not only a fun and enjoyable sport it also provides valuable life skills including:

      - Mental Challenges – decision making and team working skills
- Fun - you get to visit lots of new places and spend time in the great outdoors
- Lifetime skills – an introduction to map reading
- Confidence - in your abilities to problem solve and navigate
- Physical Activity - builds general fitness and stamina
- Excitement - the fun of a treasure hunt
- Team building – brings families and/or friends together

We warmly welcome families and newcomers to orienteering -  instruction is available.

To search for orienteering events coming up, visit Eventor. Or why not start out by trying one of our permanent courses. You can also visit Nature Play WA for information about other family friendly activities.

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