West Aussies do well at Karrak Karnival


The Karrak Karnival got under way with the WA State Orienteering Championships on Saturday 27. The heavy rain posed a big challenge for organisers and competitors alike. But orienteers don’t give up easily –Start Officials kept going despite sodden, disintegrating start lists and most competitors finished their course (thank goodness for waterproof and tear resistant maps). There was also a successful rescue of an injured competitor who was very grateful to the ‘gallant fellows’ who piggy backed her out of the bush to the waiting ambulance.

Perth’s famous fine weather returned for the Australian Middle and Sprint Distance Championship events. Many WA orienteers took advantage of the national carnival being on home turf to put in good performances, with a total of 32 places (12 of them firsts) across age classes from under 10 years to 80 plus. A few special mentions:

•    In Women’s Elite, Kellie Whitfield finished in the top third of a competitive field in the Australian Middle and Sprint events, and is also the WA resident champion for the second year running.
•    Making an impressive debut to national competition, Michaela Maynard scored a 1st in the WA Long Champs and a 3rd in the Aust Sprints in W14.
•    In W65, Carol Brownlie has two firsts out of two starts in W60 while also working tirelessly as part of the Carnival organising committee.
•    Don Young has three straight wins in M80.
•    In his last year running Junior Elites, Oscar McNulty scored a 3rd in the Aust Middle Distance and won the Sprint.
•    W70 Penny Dufty has placed in all events, with 2 seconds and a 3rd.
•    Shaun Richards came 3rd in the WA Long Champs and two days later won the Aust Sprint in M12.
•    In M40, John Toomey has a 2nd and a 3rd while Graham Braid has two 2nd places.
•    Phil Dufty’s experience running long courses translated into a 1st and a 3rd in M70.
•    In W65, Lois West came 2nd in the Aus Middle Distance and 3rd in the WA Long.

For full results, click here.


A Fun Family Sport


 Have you got a sense of adventure? Kids who love to be outside in the fresh air and learn new skills? Who want to make new friends? Then orienteering is for you!

Orienteering is a sport that the family can enjoy together, progress at your own pace and feel a sense of achievement. It is suitable for all ages and abilities. Courses are varied and take place in local green spaces, National Parks as well as other scenic venues, across WA.

Orienteering is not only a fun and enjoyable sport it also provides valuable life skills including:

-       Mental Challenges – decision making and team working skills

-       Fun - you get to visit lots of new places and spend time in the great outdoors

-       Lifetime skills – an introduction to map reading

-       Confidence - in your abilities to problem solve and navigate

-       Physical Activity - builds general fitness and stamina

-       Excitement - the fun of a treasure hunt

-       Team building – brings families and/or friends together

To search for orienteering events coming up, visit Eventor. Or why not start out by trying one of our permanent courses. You can also visit Nature Play WA for information about other family friendly activities.


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