Next Event: Malmalling SW Standard Bush


Sunday 5 July

The next bush event is Malmalling, located East of Sawyers Valley. This event is well worth the picturesque drive. There are seven different courses to choose from, each with their own challenges and style.

Registration from 09:00-11:00am
Start times from 09:30-11:30am
Courses close at 1:00pm

For more information and detailed directions, click here

We warmly welcome families and newcomers to orienteering - instruction is available.


Follow Henry at JWOC!


WA's top junior Henry McNulty is representing Australia at the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) in Norway over the next week. Follow Henry and the rest of the Australian JWOC team live at the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) LiveCenter.

All the races will be broadcast live with video, sound, progress results via radio controls, and gps tracking for selected athletes. The first race is the Sprint, to be held from 11.00am (5.00pm in Perth) on Sunday (5th July) in urban and park terrain in the town of Amot. The Middle Distance race will be held on Tuesday, Long Distance on Thursday and Relay on Friday (10th July).

You can also follow the Australian team on their Blog, which already has stories and photos of their training.

Start times for the Sprint race should be available soon on the JWOC website



WA Mountain Bike Orienteering Champs


July 11-12th

To all riders or those wishing to try a new activity, please note that entries to the State MTBO Championships (middle and long distance) to be held at the newly updated Turner Hill map on the weekend of July 11-12, are now open. To qualify for championship status, you must pre-enter through Eventor prior to the closing date (Sunday, July 5).  EOD entries will be accepted on any course but not in championship age classes. In addition with pre-entry you are guaranteed a map. Note that you can ride in whatever age class you qualify for, so you are not restricted to your age group, if you want to compete against younger guns! 

Preliminary information on the events can be found in the June edition of O Express, with final course details to be published in July.  Turner Hill has not been used for orienteering in about four years so it's practically a brand new map with lots of new (and old) places to explore, loads of exciting single track and fast fire roads to traverse! Overnight camping is also available at the nearby Marrinup campsite or alternatively stay in Dwellingup for the evening and enjoy a meal with fellow riders.

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