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WA Schools’ Orienteering Team 2017 - Trial Information

19 Years and Under - All students who will turn 19 years of age (or under) as at the 31st December in the year of competition and attend secondary (or primary) schools or Department of Education recognised educational institutions
All students who wish to be considered for the team must nominate online at the School Sport WA website
Nominations close 28 April 2017.
Jill Elderfield, Kellie Martin, Harry Nicholson
Team Announced: Wednesday 5 July
Team members will be required to travel on flights booked by School Sport WA. A group booking has been ordered to ensure a competitive price is secured for all team members. If this is an issue for any nominee, can the parents please immediately contact the selectors.

Cost for Trial Events
Standard event fees apply for the trial races.
Selection Races
Performance at 9 events will be considered. Of these attendance is required at any 2 Nav Dash (Sprint) events, any 3 Bush events as well as the Secondary Schools Championships.
Selection Events:

Sat 1 April Maidens Bush
Sun 2 April Wollaston Sprint
Sat 29 April Murdoch Sprint
Sun 7 May Malmalling Bush
Sat 20 May ECU Mt Lawley Sprint
Sun/Mon 4/5 June Warranine Bush
Sun 11 June South West Bush
Sat 17 June Swanleigh Sprint
Wed 21 June Sec Schools Championships

Find more information about the events at – and
It is highly recommended that students complete as many events as possible.
Selection criteria will be based upon:

  • performance
  • sporting behaviour
  • team commitment
  • fitness
  • self-responsibility
  • potential as a WA State representative.

Event entries
Senior Boys (16 or over on 31-12-17) must run the H3 course
Senior Girls (16 or over on 31-12-17) must run the H4 course
Junior Boys (15 or younger on 31-12-17) must run the M course
Junior Girls (15 or younger on 31-12-17) must run the M course

Junior Boys and Girls may run the Short course if only two courses are offered, or the middle length course if three courses are offered.
Senior Boys and Girls MUST run the Long course

Junior Boys and Girls must run 15 & Under A
Senior Boys and Girls must run 16 & Over A

Competitors will not be disadvantaged by running a more difficult course than the one listed.

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