Mc Team

Mc Team was born in 2009 when Ken Brownlie said "McTeam is here" as the McCauley family arrived at the South Ledge orienteering event. The name McTeam has evovled to mean the team of computer operatoers, all WOW members, who manage th 'computer' at orienteering events. One of McTeam, Daisy McCauley, regularly draws MTeam cartoons that highlight various aspects of orienteering. See McTeam cartoons here (in progress).


Birds eye of orienteering 2012 Birds eye of orienteering Easter Champs 2012 Easter Champs Flashmobbing Social Media 2012 Flashmobbing Social Media
Heatwave 2012 Heatwave Indiana Jones comes Orienteering2012 Indiana Jones comes Orienteering Late Afternoon 2012 Late Afternoon
Mad control 1  2012 Mad Control 1 altered Mad Control 2  2012 Mad Control 2 altered Mad Control 3 2012 Mad Control 3 altered
 Mad Control 4 2012 Mad Control 4 Oh Dear Moment 1 2012 Oh Dear Moment 1 Peterdine at night 2012 Peterdine at night
Planking Social Media 2012 Planking Social Media Possum Social Media 2012 Possum Social Media Remember to read the map 2012 Remember to read the map altered
Sickness 2012 Sickness Sneaking orienteering 2012 Sneaking orienteering  


After the Relays 2013 After the Relays a sport for the whole family 2013 a sport for the whole family altered Autumn Classic 2013 Autumn Classic
Baby Boom 2013 Baby Boom Caravan Lock Autumn Classic 2013 Caravan Lock Autumn Classic Early Morning 2013 Early Morning
Mad Control Disease 2013 Mad Control Disease Managerial Muddle 2013 Managerial Muddle McCBraid 2013 McCBraid
McCTeam at the Movies 2013 McCTeam at the Movies altered Mothers Day 2013 Mothers Day Terrible Toilet 2013 Terrible Toilet
The Terrible Ticks 2013 The Terrible Ticks    

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